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SIMOTION: Enable/Disable axis simulation

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Simulation status a real axis

It is possible to switch a real axis to simulation status even if the drive is not connected. The axis simulation status is displayed in the configuration dialog for the axis under drive and encoder assignment.

The axis is thus available for the user program in the basic functions (e.g. setting of enables, execution of motion commands), but the manipulated variable is not output to the connected or missing drive.

The following script makes it possible to automatically switch a real axis from normal mode status to simulation status and back. This is most helpful in case of testing the functionality of a real axis. Furthermore, also axes are supported, which were currently not connected to a drive object.

Details can be inferred from the script code and can be looked up in the  function manual Motion Control – TO Axis Electric / Hydraulic, External Encoder (item ID: 109476542)   in chapter 3.4.9 – Setting as a real axis without drive (axis simulation).



  • Since version 1.2.0, the script also supports congigurations using Drive Safety data blocks.
  • Since version 1.2.2, the script also supports axes at a CX32-2 and configurations using Drive Safety data blocks.
  • Since version 1.3.0, the script also supports SIMOTION SCOUT TIA (symbolic assignment of the drives must be activated). 
  • Up to 3 Encoders per axis are supported.
  • For compatibility reasons (SIMOTION SCOUT < V4.4), the script version V1.1.2 is still available.
  • The script creates a file in the project directory for each device. This file contains the relevant data of all real axes of the device to enable the script to switch back from simulation status to normal mode status.


  • In simulation status the usage of a technology data block, the Safety Integrated extended functions and a Drive Safety data block is not possible.
  • Hydraulic axis are not supported.
  • For the symbolic assignment of drives the names of SINAMICS devices and drive objects must not include a point (.).


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