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APACS+ and QUADLOG Product Line Cancellation Announcement

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APACS+ and QUADLOG Product Line Cancellation Announcement


Dear Valued Customer:

We appreciate the confidence you have placed in Siemens by installing our process automation platforms and want to ensure that you realize the maximum return for your investment.  This important announcement is part of our continuing communications to provide you with the information needed to effectively manage your installed systems.

This official announcement notifies you that the APACS+™ and QUADLOG® product lines, including ACM, ACM+, ACMx, CCMx, and all I/O modules, will be transitioned to the “cancellation” product phase effective October 1, 2011.  You may still purchase I/O Modules as “spare” parts after October 1, 2011.  Siemens will continue to work to extend this time as long as possible, however each sale will be evaluated to ensure that our support commitments through September 30, 2020 can be met.

The ACM and CCM line of controllers will not be available as “spares” as of October 1, 2011.  The ACM and CCM will continue to be available as Repair Parts Only.  All versions of Controllers and IO Modules qualify for Repair Parts Only support, with the expectation that the replacement offered may be a newer version.  Appendix A provides a detailed list of products.  Any product not listed in Appendix A has already reached Product Discontinuation and is not supportable.

APACS+ Software is entering Product Phase Out effective October 1, 2011.  This is being done to synchronize the entire product portfolio.  The last time buy will extend to October 1, 2012 with the expectation that the APACS+ Control Engineering/Development software (4-mation) will continue to be available throughout the APACS+ lifecycle.  This announcement does not affect the availability of the PCS 7 / APACS+ OS Software product line.

The status of APACS+ components is outlined in the chart below.

General Component Family

Status as of Oct. 1, 2011

SIMATIC PCS 7 Replacement


Cancellation, Repair Parts Only

AS417  controller


Cancellation, Repair Parts Only

AS417 F  controller

I/O Modules

Cancellation, Continued Availability

PCS 7 ET200 I/O

MBI Card

Cancellation, Repair Parts Only


APACS+ Software

Product Phase Out


Component obsolescence and advancing technology is driving the need to “phase out” this product family.  This announcement is the latest in a range of communications over the last five years, explaining the APACS+ and QUADLOG Product Life Cycle.  As has been communicated to you in the past, Siemens is committed to providing functional replacement components and systems through the SIMATIC PCS 7 product line. Siemens will continue to support existing APACS+ and QUADLOG hardware through October 1, 2020.

Below is the APACS+ and QUADLOG Product Life Cycle timeline.  The goal of communicating these details is to help you to develop a life cycle management plan for your installed systems, with assistance from Siemens, which best fits your business situation and objectives.

Definition of terms used in the preceding chart:

  • Commercial Availability – Products are available for sale and is included in the “Delivery Release” announcement.
  • Last-time Buy – Products are available for sale (same status as commercial availability).  The last-time buy period is one year.  This period begins with the “Phase Out” announcement.
  • Product Cancellation – Products enter the period of Technical Support and Repair Parts Available.  Typically an RMA is issued to initiate the Repair Parts replacement.  Some products that enter Product Cancellation may continue to be offered as “spares”.  This will continue as long as product support commitments can be met.  In the case of APACS+ and QUADLOG this means providing support to September 30, 2020.
  • Repair Parts Available – Products are no longer offered for sale; however, they are available for replacement of failed components.  This period begins with the “Product Cancellation” announcement.
  • Standard Product Support – Standard support is in effect until October 1, 2012.  There is no charge for standard product support.
  • Billable Product Support – Extended support starts October 1, 2012, and is available until October 2020.  This is a billable service and can be redeemed via the Automation Value Card (AVC).
  • Availability of Product Support – After October 2020, support cannot be guaranteed; however, Siemens will continue to support APACS+ and QUADLOG for as long as resources remain available to do so.  This period begins with the “Product Discontinuation” announcement.

To ensure that you realize the maximum return for your investment, we have developed a comprehensive set of modernization products and services that allow you to transition to current technology at your own pace, while maximizing the value of your installed system.  Siemens provides a Loyalty Program for customers interested in modernizing to PCS 7/APACS+ OS and in modernizing the controller.  More information on the APACS+ Migration Strategies, products, and services can be found at: http://www.usa.siemens.com/apacs.  The following is a brief summary of some of the products and services that Siemens provides to help you migrate to a SIMATIC® PCS 7 solution.

  • PCS 7/APACS+ OS – This is the newest Human Machine Interface (HMI) for APACS+ Systems.  The PCS 7/APACS+ OS can be placed directly on the M-BUS network or on the Ethernet using the Industrial Ethernet Module (IEM).
  • DP/IO Bus Link – This module fits into a standard APACS+ rack and replaces the ACM (or CCM in a QUADLOG system).  Once the DP/IO Bus Link is installed, the APACS+ I/O is treated as remote I/O from a standard PCS 7 Controller.
  • Industrial Ethernet Module (IEM) – This is a box that transforms the M-BUS into Ethernet signals.  Use the IEM to connect other Ethernet devices (like the PCS 7/APACS+ OS) to an existing APACS+ system.
  • Services:  Siemens provides various services to assist with the transformation to PCS 7.
    • Graphic Conversion – Transform your ProcessSuite or APS graphics to PCS 7 graphics.
    • ACM/CCM Configuration Conversion – Translate your existing APACS+ 4-mation code into native PCS 7 controller code.
    • Audit and Evaluation Service – Siemens can help you make a decision on your future path by enumerating your equipment, network, and configuration.

For more information, Appendix A lists the APACS+ products that are affected by this announcement.  Appendix B contains frequently asked questions.  Thank you for your continued loyalty to the APACS+ Product Line.  If you need additional consultation, please feel free to contact your local account manager.


Stacey Jarlsberg                                          Ken Keiser

APACS+ Product Manager                        Migration Marketing Manager



APACS+ and QUADLOG Product Line Cancellation Announcement

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