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MICROMASTER 4, SINAMICS G110 / G120: CAD, CAE and EPLAN Electric P8 Macros

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EPLAN Electric P8 is a CAE system for the electrical configuring of electric equipment (e.g. control cabinets). It supports the designer in the configuring, documentation and management of projects.

EPLAN Electric P8 allows to create the wiring diagrams of the control cabinet, manage the article master data, automatically generate parts lists, terminal diagrams, PLC diagrams and overview graphics, create the documentation for the equipment and design the mechanical configuration of the control cabinet.

In particular more complex devices such as controllers and frequency converters are not provided as standard symbols in EPLAN, but have to be generated by the user as a macro.


EPLAN Electric P8 macros in edz format

The provision of EPLAN Electric P8 macros in edz format helps significantly shorten the engineering time. To reduce the expenditure for integrating the necessary data in the EPLAN system, Siemens provides the EPLAN Electric P8 macros in the edz format. This contains for each order number a file including all the necessary information (e.g. article master data, data sheets, macros and further CAx data).

The EPLAN Electric P8 macros in edz format are provided for all current and future SINAMICS products only at the following Internet addresses:




EPLAN Electric P8 Macros in the ema format

The existing macros in the ema format can still be downloaded for SINAMICS G110 / G120 and MICROMASTER 4.

Note: Macros in the ema format will no longer be updated.

The downloads included in the table(*.zip) may include the following documents:

  • Macros for EPLAN Electric P8 system in the ema format in an EPLAN project file (zw1)
  • DXF files (Drawing Interchange Format), comprises the graphic display of the products
  • CCL files (Corel Contractual Licensing), comprises the 2D/3D display of the products
  • XLS files (Excel) including a list of the products
  • PDF files include a guide describing how to use the macros, and the graphic display


InverterMacro (ema)DXFCCLXLSPDFlast UpdateDownload
SINAMICS G110, G110D, G120, G120P and MICROMASTER 4XX--X03.09.2012  Registrierung notwendig  siemens_g120_mm4_eplanp8_makros_v001-4.zip (85,0 MB)
SINAMICS G120CXX-XX23.01.2013  Registrierung notwendig  siemens_g120c_eplanp8_makros_v004.zip (11,4 MB)
SINAMICS G120DXXX-X14.02.2013  Registrierung notwendig  siemens_g120d_eplanp8_makros_v003.zip (18,3 MB)
SINAMICS G120 modular CU240E-2 PN, CU240E-2 PN-FXX-XX23.01.2013  Registrierung notwendig  siemens_g120_modular_eplanp8_makros_v002.zip (10,9 MB)


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The General Conditions of Use apply accordingly.

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