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How do you migrate a project integrated in STEP 7 from WinCC flexible to WinCC (TIA Portal)?

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Migration of an MP 277 Touch operator panel integrated in STEP 7 V5.x to a WinCC (TIA Portal) project and then device replacement with a Comfort Panel.

Your customer has an MP 277 Touch configuration integrated in STEP 7.
For a subsequent plant/machine only the MP 277 Touch configuration described is to be migrated to WinCC (TIA Portal) and replaced by a Comfort Panel.

This entry shows one option for migrating only the WinCC flexible project to WinCC (TIA Portal).
A description is
given of the separate steps for migrating the multipanel to WinCC (TIA Portal).
This is followed by a description of how to change the MP 277 Touch configuration into a Comfort Panel.

Contents of the PDF document
The following points are covered in the document:

  • Software requirements
  • Copy integrated HMI project from STEP 7 V5.x
  • Migrate HMI project to WinCC (TIA Portal)
  • Replacing MP 277 Touch with a Comfort Panel

Documentation, WinCC (TIA Portal) V15
  Migration in WinCC V15 (1,4 MB)

Documentation, WinCC (TIA Portal) V14
  Migration in WinCC V14 (748.2 KB)

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Shared configuration with WinCC (TIA Portal) and STEP 7 V5.x73502293
Migration of a WinCC flexible project integrated in STEP 7 V5.x to WinCC (TIA Portal) and upgrading of the operator panel version after a change of the WinCC (TIA Portal) version to a newer version.77430539
Overview of the Mounting Positions, Screen Diagonals and Resolutions of Panels56076296
SIMATIC HMI Operator Panels Migration Guide for Comfort Panels49752044
System Manual WinCC Comfort / WinCC Advanced91479053


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