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How do you create a time switch with WinCC flexible?

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This FAQ response describes one way you can create a "weekly timer" with WinCC flexible without using program blocks from the PLC.

There are three switching procedures (time intervals) available for each day of the week.
(For example, one for the "early shift", one for the "afternoon shift" and one for the "late shift").
You set the switch-on and switch-off times by way of a "date/time field".

You can select/deselect each switch-on/off time separately.

Once the specified switch-on time is reached, an output signal is set.
This output signal can be transferred to a PLC, to switch on a pump, for example.
Once the specified switch-off time is reached, the output signal is reset.

The following figure shows the Runtime picture created.

Fig. 01

Which operator panels are supported?
The instructions below apply for all operator panels that support scripts. An overview of the functions of the various operator panels is available in Entry ID: 40227286.
In this application we have used an MP 277 Touch.

Please refer to the attached documentation and configuration for details.
The attached download contains a WinCC flexible project with the functions described in the document.

Creation environment
The configuration was made with WinCC flexible 2008 SP2.


Contents of the downloads


The documentation includes all the necessary configuration steps perform the example in the FAQ.
( 733 KB )
The packed file contains the sample MP 277 Touch project.
( 2996 KB )

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