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Security guideline for PC-based automation systems with Windows embedded operating systems.

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Each plant or each automation system must be protected against the various risks of plant manipulation. This includes for example appropriate access controls, authorizations for plant operation, protection against plant manipulation, password-protected data access etc.
PC-based automation systems place additional requirements to plant protection. Many protection features used in this context are known from the office IT environment and already provide a high level of security. Although the goals of protection in the field of PC-based automation systems are similar, they clearly have different priorities compared to the office IT environment. When selecting suitable security measures it is therefore crucial to make sure that these measures provide the required protection and at the same time do not impair the actual operation.

This documentation provides information and recommendations concerning security aspects for PC-based automation systems with Windows embedded operating systems. The goal is to give an overview of the basic essential possibilities and mechanisms. The different chapters cover the following subjects:

  • Security management
  • Defense-in-depth strategy
  • Protection of network services
  • Access protection for Windows systems
  • Protection against malware
  • Methods for reinforcing systems
  • Software updates of the operating system


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Security Guideline for SIMATIC PC-based Automation


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Siemens Industrial Security Webseite http://www.siemens.com/industrialsecurity

Security Notice
The functions and solutions described in this article predominantly confine themselves to the realization of the automation task. Please take into account furthermore that corresponding protective measures have to be taken in the context of Industrial Security when connecting your equipment to other parts of the plant, the enterprise network or the Internet. Further information can be found under the Content-ID 50203404.

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