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How do I configure a VPN tunnel between PC station and Siemens Remote Service Platform via a safety connection?

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SSL VPN Client creates a tunneled IP-connection between a remote-system (with the SSL-VPNClient) and the Siemens Remote Service Platform.
The SSL VPN Client communicates directly through the internet with the server systems.
This solution requires no additional routers or firewalls, a DSL line is absolutely sufficient.
This tunnel can be used by all TCP/IP based tools. In case of Remote Desktop Support we can use NetMeeting or VNC software.

SSL VPN Client


The IPSec VPN termination is realized on the serviced system. In this case the SSL VPN Client on the serviced system is the end-point of this connection.
The connection will be established from the SSL VPN client to the Siemens Remote Service platform.


  • Internet access to a local area network

  • Port 443 from serviced system to the Internet has to be opened

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