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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 56076603, Entry date: 11/03/2011

Delivery release: powermanager V3.0 - The software for accessing energy management

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The new software powermanager V3.0 offers combined with the SENTRON – recording devices a Power Monitoring System, to reduce the costs and increase the energy availability – with minimal investment costs and full expandability!
The new version V3.0 comes with numerous functions, which make it possible for the clients to use the software for reporting, analyzing and monitoring.

Product description:
Product description:
With powermanager all measured values required for power consumption optimization and corresponding cost reductions are detected. This includes energy and power values as well as electrical characteristics such as current, voltage and power factor. The values are displayed, but can also be monitored and archived for further evaluations.
For optimized average power values, the data can be visualized and compared as load curves.
Furthermore the demand values can be monitored with a load monitoring functionality. The customer can set up individual limits and the software shows switching recommendations to keep this limit.
Consumption evaluations can be rapidly generated with the cost center, the comparison and the comparison values report or with freely configurable reports according to individual requirements.
With help of the duration curve report the customer is able to find out how continous his load profile is.

Performance characteristics / functions:

- Detection and visualization of measured power values (pre-configured or freely configurable)
- Limit value monitoring with user-defined alarms
- Display of the load profile or of any measured values as characteristic trend
- Pre-defined reports for allocation of consumption and the resulting costs for user specific cost centers
- Report templates for evaluations about consumption and power demand values
- User-specific reports based on Excel
- Monitoring of switch states
- Pre-configured project settings for an easy getting started
- Load monitoring for keeping power demand values
- Automatic switching of digital outputs
- 4 supported languages (German, English, Spanish, Portuguese)
- Time optimized engineering with mass parameterization and copy/paste functionality
- Library for SENTRON measuring devices PAC 1500, 3100, 3200, 4200 and 3VL/WL breakers
- Virtual measuring values for calculating customer-specific parameters
- Individual driver setting for optimizing the performance
- Visualization via Web without installation of the software on the client
- Integration of third party devices (Status information, live data, power demand values, energy values)
- Organized project view of devices with help of ares and sectors
- Distributed system to connect several sites and create system wide reports and evaluations

Customer benefits:
- Minimum engineering expenditures thanks to comprehensive software pre-settings
- High efficiency even with small systems thanks to low initial investment
- Direct access also possible via web
- Comprehensive functions, e.g. reporting already included in the basic package
-scalability of the system, licensing model allows licenses exactly for the needs of the customer
- Customer-specific adjustments and expansions possible at any time by means of option packages
- Identification of optimization and saving potentials thanks to power distribution transparency
- Important block for power management systems, e.g. with designs in accordance with the new standard EN 16001
- Increased energy availability thanks to limit value monitoring and optional graphical system monitoring

There is a basic version, which always needs exist, because it contents the installation. This is called “Basic Package V3.0” (3ZS2711-0CC30-0YA0). It contents 10 devices, 1 Client and the report license.
In addition device packs, so called “Device Packs V3.0” can be added, to increase the number of devices in a project:

- 50 devices (3ZS2712-0CC30-0YD0)
- 100 devices (3ZS2713-0CC30-0YD0)
- 200 devices (3ZS2714-0CC30-0YD0)
- 500 devices (3ZS2715-0CC30-0YD0)
- 1000 devices (3ZS2716-0CC30-0YD0)

Optional licenses for:
- Web access (3ZS2710-1CC20-0YH0)
- 5 more Clients (3ZS2710-3CC00-0YD0)
- Expert Option (3ZS2710-2CC20-0YH0)
- Distributed system (3ZS2718-1/2/3CC00-0YH0)

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