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TagConverter for WinCC (TIA Portal)

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By the help of WinCC TagConverter you import Tags on a easy way from different PLC-editors to WinCC (TIA Portal)
The WinCC TagConverter provides a fast and easy way to convert tags exported via a PLC editor to a format that can be imported into WinCC (TIA Portal). The WinCC TagConverter produces output for the HMI systems SIMATIC Panels, WinCC Runtime Advanced and WinCC Runtime Professional. TagConverter gives the possibility to synchronize data between different PLC editors and WinCC (TIA Portal) but is not needed for project migration.


Overview of the tag converters for WinCC (TIA Portal)

Version Manufacturer Programming
V3.1 Siemens STEP 7 V5.x ( 4182 KB )
Schneider / Modicon ProWORX,
Unity Pro XL
Rockwell Automation
RSLogix 5,

new with V3.1:
RSLogix5000 from V20
Conversion of additional data types:
- Counter
- Timer
- Alias Tags
- moredimensional arrays

For the installation of the WinCC TagConverter, download the installation package and start the setup by double-click on "Setup.exe"


Open the TagConverter and create a new converter template. Define the storage location for the template. Select the import format "SIMATIC S7" and afterwards connect to your STEP 7 V5.x project. Choose the tags and symbols which you need in your HMI project in WinCC (TIA Portal). The TagConverter will convert the selected data to a file format which can be imported in WinCC (TIA Portal).

3rd party PLC editors:
Export tag data from an editor of a supported PLC. Brief instructions will be provided by the Help of the WinCC TagConverter. With the WinCC TagConverter, the exported data will be converted to a WinCC (TIA Portal) import format.

The TagConverter V1.x for WinCC flexible can be found under the following link (entry ID: 22060779)
The TagConverter V2.x is completely replaced by the new version V3.x.

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