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Pharma Demo Applications (Video)

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The media system "Pharma Demo Applications" shows the efficient use of SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC BATCH in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries using the example of the demo applications "Fermentation, "Blood Fractionation" and "Freeze Drying''.

The media system  includes general process information and graphically explains the configuration, the setup as well as individual process steps of the demo applications. It includes the following chapters:


  • Life Science Industry
    Information on Life Science Industry
  • Bio API
    Information on biotechnologically produced active pharmaceutical ingredients


  • Introduction
    Overview of the engineering templates and standards used
  • ISA S88.01
    Information on plant models according to ISA S88.01 and their realization with SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC BATCH
  • Basic Control Modules (BCM)
    General information on BCM and their application


  • Fermentation
    Introduction of the demo application to the fermentation process
  • Blood Fractionation
    Introduction of the demo application to the process of blood fractionation
  • Freeze Drying
    Introduction of the demo application to the process of freeze drying

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Media system

How to use
Download the files into a directory of your choice (the path must not contain special characters) and unpack the demonstration system (ZIP archive). The animation will start as soon as you double-click on the "exe" file you unpacked from the archive. 
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