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Many different engineering tools and software products can be used for SIMOCRANE products.

Regarding SIMOCRANE products, you have to ensure that these software products smoothly interact with the corresponding versions. Please observe the following compatibility list when using

  • SIMOCRANE Basic Technology
  • SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology
  • SIMOCRANE Sway Control
  • SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control
  • SIMOCRANE Truck Positioning System
  • SIMOCRANE Crane Management System (CMS/RCMS)
  • SIMOCRANE ECO Technology 

On crane systems, all SINAMICS components (SINAMICS Integrated, CX32-2, Motor Modules, SMC30, ...) to be used must be retrofitted to the same Firmware Version. The use of an incorrect or mixed Firmware Version leads to communication and synchronization errors between both SIMOTION and SINAMICS Integrated / CX32-2 and between SINAMICS S120 CU CU320-2 and the relevant Power Module.

The SIMOTION D firmware is described in 33119786 (Firmware Support Package) and 31045047 (SIMOTION D Firmware).

  Simocrane-compatibility-list-20181011.pdf (139,1 KB) 

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