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TeleService of a S7-1200 station via mobile network

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An automation structure contains a SIMATIC S7-1200 sub-station that communicates wirelessly with a central station via the internet and is monitored and controlled by a service operator via remote access.

The infrastructure of a plant contains a SIMATIC S7-1200 sub-station. TeleControl Server Basic V3.1 in the central station allows direct communication between the two sub-stations. In defined maintenance intervals and acutely in the case of an error, a member of the service staff must be able to check the diagnostic data of the remote station remotely and be able to download updated program data or change parameters. This should be possible from the central station as well as from a remote engineering station.

This application example meets the following requirements:

  • Via remote access, a service operator monitors the status of the connected remote stations.

  • Via remote access, a service operator downloads updated program data and modifies any parameters.


  • TeleControl Server Basic V3.1 enables economic data communication between remote stations and the central station.
  • World-wide access to the remote station is possible via the internet.
  • The application also works for the CP 1243-7 LTE  and the CP1243-1.

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