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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 56962456, Entry date: 09/30/2011

End of production for matrix impact printers and printer accessories

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After a year of product phaseout the matrix impact printers will cease to be available ex-catalog.
All matrix impact printers and printer accessories have been type discontinued effective October 1, 2011.

You can enquire the further supply of new and replacement units, as well as of consumable materials via
TEL.:     +49 9131-7-33999 or
E-MAIL:  wrc.industry@siemens.com

The following products are affected by this measure:

Order No. Type Product Name
6GF6520-1LD T 2150/24 24-needle printer, A4
6GF6520-1LM T 2240/24 24-needle matrix printer, A4
6GF6520-1LL T 2240/9 9-needle matrix printer, A4
6GF6520-1LE T 2250/24 24-needle printer, A3
6GF6520-1LN T 2340/24 24-needle matrix printer, A3

as well as all accessories for the printers

Order No. Product Name
6GF6520-4LJ 2nd tractor for T2150 (front + rear)
6GF6520-4LN Automatic single sheet feeder for T2240
6GF6520-2LC Ethernet interface for DR 2150/2250
6GF6520-4LH Rear single sheet feeder for T2145
6GF6520-2LB RS232/TTY combi interface for T2150/2250
6GF6520-2LA RS232/TTY interface for T2240/T2340
6GF6520-4LL Push tractor for T 2240
6GF6520-2HA V24 serial RS 232 C interface
6GF6520-4LG Front single sheet feeder for T2145
6GF6520-4LM Push tractor for T 2340
6GF6520-4LP Automatic single sheet feeder for T 2340

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