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General: Import of EPLAN P8 macros with the extension *.EDZ

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The EPLAN P8 macros on the CAx-DVD and online in the CAx shopping cart have the extension *.EDZ.
How can import these macros to P8?




The way how can import the P8 macros with the extension *. EDZ is using the EDZ import tool.

EPLAN Data Archive Zipped, short EDZ, is an EPLAN tool, which can import cluster data. For this was developed a data structure, which have a correct structure of all data in one file. The tool is an API extension module for EPLAN P8 macros, for this a separate setup is available.
This tool is embedded into EPLAN at the installation of the extension module and is only for the data administration as an additional file type “EDZ” for the import / export of the data available.
After selection of EDZ file all embedded data will carry to the data administration. For this is the selected data structure readout from EPLAN and additional data, as picture and documents, copied in the selected catalogue.

Is the EPLAN P8 Version 1.9 till 2.1 in use, a separate „EDZ import tool" is necessary, which is available for each EPLAN customer and can download in the support area of EPLAN, respectively via request at the hotline.
Since the version 2.2 the EDZ import is integrated in the software, so a separate tool is NOT necessary.
Since the version 2.1 also a mass import of EDZ files is possible.


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