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Configuration of SINAMICS and MICROMASTER Drives with Drive ES in PCS 7

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The performance spectrum of modern drives offers far more than just turning the power on and off. In the field of process automation, the full integration of additional functions, such as diagnostics and fault messages, plays a major role.

For the seamless integration of drives from the SINAMICS and MICROMASTER 4 families into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, Siemens offers a modern motor block library which makes the full range of drive functions available. Configuration and commissioning of the drives, as well as operator control and monitoring are performed in the PCS 7 environment as usual.
This application example describes the procedure for the configuration of a frequency converter of the MICROMASTER 4 and SINAMICS product families. You will be introduced to the solution templates, which are based on the standard functions of the Advanced Process Library (APL) and the Drive ES Library, and which will help you to significantly reduce your engineering requirements, especially in the course of a first integration process.
The solutions described in this document are suitable for new configurations, as well as for the integration into existing projects.
Frequency-controlled motors are integrated in the Drive ES blocks by means of the standardized telegram 352. If required, this message frame may be extended or modified.
With this option of telegram adaptation, the templates described here can be used to read out frequency converter warning and error numbers and to display them directly in the faceplate. The delivery documentation includes a list of these numbers with a detailed description of all errors and warnings, as well as their possible causes and correction. This also helps to shorten the reaction time, if the Technical Support Service needs to be involved. With the help of the warning and error number, the Technical Support Service staff will be able to eliminate the fault more quickly and specifically.
Overview about the application

Solution Templates
The solution templates include fully configured CFC charts in which the driver and function blocks of the Drive ES PCS 7 are logically interconnected with the APL function blocks and therefore offer a ready automation solution with the following functions:
  • APL faceplates
  • Additional integrated displays in the faceplates
  • The OS messages include specific warning and error numbers of the frequency converter
  • Integrated operating hours counter
  • Switchover between local and control room operation
  • Reset button
  • Simulation mode

Main contents
The three groups of frequency converters – MICROMASTER, SINAMICS G120 and SINAMICS G/S – are fully configured by the example of prepared solution templates of the Drive ES library and with the STARTER software.

The main focuses are:

  • Integration of the solution templates
  • Hardware configuration
  • CFC engineering
  • Configuration of the frequency converters with STARTER

Documentation for PCS 7 V9.0 SP1
 Documentation (2,0 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig Solution template (360,6 KB)


  • To test the Drive ES PCS 7 APL library with PCS 7 V9.0 SP1, a trial version is available. For productive operation of SIMATIC PCS 7 projects, the regular product version must be purchased and used. SIMATIC PCS 7 test projcects, which were created with the trial version, can be used normally with the regular product version (see Additional information).
  • Since the MICROMASTER 4 standard drive are being phased-out, the project work will no longer be documented in this application example. As an alternative to MICROMASTER 4, drives from the SINAMICS family can be used (see Additional information).

Documentation for PCS 7 V8.2
 Documentation (2,5 MB)
Documentation for PCS 7 V8.0
 Documentation (2,4 MB)   
Documentation and solution templates for PCS 7 V7.1
 Documentation (1,8 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig Solution templates (download free of charge) (858,6 KB)
Additional information  
Trial version for the Drive ES PCS 7 APL V9.0 SP1 library
Sales and delivery release for Drive ES PCS 7 APL V9.0 SP1
Phase-out announcement of MICROMASTER 4 standard drives

Last Changes
Documentation and solution template added for SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 SP1 

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