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Printing with SIMATIC Comfort Panels

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By means of a control panel, it should be possible to output data such as a screenshot, a shift report or a fault messages report via a printer or an alternative. It should be possible to print, independent from the manufacturer and type of the printer.

Function-tested printers are available for SIMATIC Comfort Panels. This ensures that the printers are compatible with the SIMATIC Comfort Panel in use.

Because of the manufacturer-specific, high innovation cycles of the printers, the following problems arise for the user:

  • Availability of the shared printers. Can the printers still be purchased from retailers?
  • Spare parts supply. How long can spare parts be purchased for the printer type?

For this reason, we recommend the following alternatives for printing fault messages and screen contents.

  • Output to a file in PDF format
  • Output to a file in HMTL format
  • Using a network printer
  • Use of a PostScript printer. (The use of a PostScript printer is possible, but should be replaced by one of the previously mentioned methods).

Fig. 1

The various printer drivers are made available via the "ProSave" software and transferred to the Operator Panel.

The application example describes…

  • the steps to install the printer drivers.
  • the functions of the printer drivers.
  • all necessary settings on the Operator Panel.

Furthermore, a typical use case is utilized to show you how to

  • print fault messages in a report.
  • print fault messages.

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Printers for SIMATIC Comfort Panels

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