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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 58260820, Entry date: 08/30/2013

Technology CPUs: "Kinematics Simulation Center" - Connecting the Simulation Software to a Technology CPU Interface

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Task Using the Technology CPU, you have or create an application in which you use the kinematic transformation via a path object in the Technology CPU and wish to monitor your programmed motions of the kinematics or the kinematic axes. ...

Using the Technology CPU, you have or create an application in which you use the kinematic transformation via a path object in the Technology CPU and wish to monitor your programmed motions of the kinematics or the kinematic axes.

The "Kinematics Simulation Center" (KSC) provides you with the option to represent the motions of the kinematic configured at a path object in the Technology CPU in an animated form on a Windows PC. For this purpose, the "Kinematics Simulation Center" (KSC) includes all kinematics available for a path object in the Technology CPU.

"Kinematics Simulation Center" (KSC) or Windows PC are connected to the Technology CPU via Ethernet using the internal PROFINET interface or a "CP 343-1 Lean" or "CP 343-1" communication processor attached to the Technology CPU.

The application description on hand contains all information for using and connecting the "Kinematics Simulation Center" (KSC) to the Technology CPU. The driver blocks required for the Technology CPU are offered as a download. Configuration files for the basic configuration of the "Kinematics Simulation Center" (KSC) and an example project for immediate usage of the "Kinematics Simulation Center" (KSC) are available.


Contents of the downloads


Connecting the "Kinematics Simulation Center" simulation software to a Technology CPU
58260820_CPU31xT_Kinematics_Simulation_Center_DOKU_V12_en.pdf ( 4428 KB )
Driver block for connecting the Technology CPU to the "Kinematics Simulation Center" (KSC).
58260820_CPU31xT_Kinematics_Simulation_Center_CODE_KSC-S7-Driver_LComV12.zip ( 93 KB )
The "Kinematics Simulation Center" (KSC) software can be downloaded under entry ID:
Entry ID 54759648
Configuration files
Configuration files for the "Kinematics Simulation Center" (KSC) for basic configuration of the simulation software suitable for the description illustrated in the documentation.
58260820_CPU31xT_Kinematics_Simulation_Center_CODE_KSC_Settings.zip ( 4 KB )
Example project for the Technology CPU with connection to the "Kinematics Simulation Center" (KSC).
The example project is based on FAQ "How can a simple palletizer be realized with a Technology CPU and the FB 488 "MC_MovePath"?"
The documentation on function and operation of the example project is available at entry ID 48206062
CPU 317T-3 PN/DP 58260820_CPU31xT_PN_Kinematics_Simulation_Center_CODE_KSC_Example.zip ( 7567 KB )
CPU 317T-2 DP
CP 343-1 Lean
58260820_CPU31xT_DP_Kinematics_Simulation_Center_CODE_KSC_Example.zip ( 7569 KB )

Notes on the use of a communication processor
The "CP 343-1 Lean" and "CP 343-1" communication processors can be used together with the "Kinematics Simulation Center" (KSC) only from a certain firmware version on.

The following must apply for the firmware:

CP 343-1 Lean 6GK7 343-1CX10-0XE0 as of firmware V2.1
CP 343-1 6GK7 343-1EX21-0XE0 as of firmware V1.0.17
6GK7 343-1EX30-0XE0 as of firmware V2.0.16

For the connection diagnostic, the FC 10 "AG_CNTRL" block with commands CMD=1 and CMD=2, whose function depends of the used firmware of the communication processor, is used in the driver block of the "Kinematics Simulation Center" (KSC).
The firmware version required for the communication processor can be determined in entry ID 33414377.
The usable communication processors, which support the FC 10 "AG_CNTRL" function, are listed under the following entry ID 16767769.

Note on security
The functions and solutions described in this entry are mainly limited to the realization of the automation task. In addition, please note that suitable security measures in compliance with the applicable Industrial Security standards must be taken if your system is interconnected with other parts of the plant, the company network or the Internet. More information can be found under entry ID 50203404.

Last change
August 2013: Addition of the CPU 31xT(F)-3 PN/DP and modification of the driver block

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