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How is the Autostart in Windows configured and delayed for WinCC Runtime Advanced?

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The Autostart and the delay of the WinCC Runtime Advanced in Windows can be realized using the Windows Task Scheduler. This entry describes the procedure for PC stations and panels.

Depending on the configuration of your operator station, synchronization conflicts with other applications might arise with the Autostart of WinCC Runtime. You can avoid such conflicts by delaying the start of the Runtime by a specific time.

Section 1: PC station

1. Via "Start -> Windows -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler" 
    you open the Task Scheduler. 

Fig. 01

2. Create a new task in the Windows Task Scheduler by selecting "Create Task...".

Fig. 02

3. Enter a program name and description.
    Set the user and operating system. Then click "OK".

Fig. 03

4. Switch to the "Trigger" tab and click "New...".

Fig. 04

5. Apply the settings as shown in Fig. 05.
    If necessary, change the delay time to suit your requirements.
    Then click "OK".

Fig. 05

6. Check the marked settings and click "OK".

Fig. 06

7. Switch to the "Actions" tab and click "New...".

Fig. 07

8. Select the action "Start a program" and search for the program/script to be started.
    An example of a program path is shown in Fig. 09.

Fig. 08

Fig. 09

9.  Switch to the "Conditions" tab and set the conditions as shown in Fig. 10.

Fig. 10

10. Switch to the "Settings” tab and set them as shown in Fig. 11.
      If necessary, change the settings to meet your requirements.
      Then click "OK". 
      This completes the task scheduling.

Fig. 11

11. Restart the PC station and test the Autostart. 

Section 2: Panel

1. Call the Start Center via "Start -> Siemens Automation -> WinCC Runtime Loader".

Fig. 12

2. Click "Settings".

Fig. 13

3. If the WinCC project is already on the panel, set the parameters as follows:

Fig. 14

Note: The executable project is located in the "Configuration path".

4. If the project still needs to be loaded, set the parameters as follows:

Fig. 15

5. Click "Start" to start the Runtime.

Fig. 16

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