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Signaling and Switching via SMS with S7-1200 and CP 1242-7 GPRS V2

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A SIMATIC S7-1200 station shall be used to send important messages as SMS message to mobile maintenance staff via the CP 1242-7 GPRS V2.

In areas where no wired transmission medium is available and where setting up a separate wireless network involves excessively high costs, data transmission via SMS using the GSM cellular network is a simple, reliable and cost-effective alternative.

A beverage vending machine shall serve as an exemplary area of application. The vending machine regularly checks the following:

  • the filling level of the coin box
  • the cooling system temperature.
  • any unauthorized opening of the front door

The vending machine reacts to certain events such as limit values being exceeded and informs the maintenance staff.

The following functions are realized in this application example:

  • Sending an SMS to one parameterizable phone number,
  • Sending a message to several subscribers (broadcast),
  • Sending a message with acknowledgment by one of the configured recipients of the message (escalation),
  • Receiving messages.
    Depending on the message text,
    • requested values are read out of the controller and sent to a mobile phone,

    • received commands are executed in the controller and a confirmation/error message is sent to the mobile phone.

The solution presented here offers the following advantages:

  • The “SndSms”, “RcvSms”, “BroadcastSms”, “EscalationSMS” and “SetGet” user blocks provide you with immediately usable functions for your applications.
  • The user blocks can also be used for the CP 1243-7 LTE.

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