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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 59038567, Entry date: 03/23/2012

Delivery release for SINUMERIK Integrate

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The following SINUMERIK Integrate products have been released for delivery.

  • Manage MyPrograms V2.4 (DNC)
  • Manage MyTools V2.4 (TDI)
  • Access My Machine / P2P V2.7 SP1 (RCS Commander)
  • Access My Backup V6.2 SP2 (ADDM)


Manage MyTools Single License, Option for SINUMERIK Operate 6FC5800-0AP37-0YB0
Single License per node no CD-ROM 6FC6000-2NF00-0YB0
CD-ROM without License, certain Version 6FC6000-2XC0x-xAA8
CD-ROM without License, current Version 6FC6000-2XC02-4AA8
Manage MyPrograms Single License, Option for SINUMERIK Operate 6FC5800-0AP41-0YB0
Single License per node no CD-ROM 6FC6000-0NF00-0YB0
CD-ROM without License, certain Version 6FC6000-0XC0x-xAA8
CD-ROM without License, current Version 6FC6000-0XC02-4AA8
Access MyMachine/P2P Single License, Option for SINUMERIK Operate 6FC5800-0AP30-0YB0
Single License per node no CD-ROM --
CD-ROM without License, certain Version 6FC5860-7YCxx-xYA0
CD-ROM without License, current Version 6FC5860-7YC00-0YA0
Access MyTool ID Single License, Option for SINUMERIK Operate 6FC5800-0AP52-0YB0

Overview about the new functions provided by Manage MyPrograms, Manage MyTools, Access MyMachine /P2P  and Access MyBackup

This includes above all an infrastructure which is supported as from SINUMERIK Operate SW2.6 SP1 HF5. Older software versions cannot be supported as the relevant infrastructure is missing.

  • Can be used on all machines equipped with SINUMERIK Operate SW2.6 SP1 HF5 (or later).
  • Manage MyTools & Manage MyPrograms: The tool loop and the provision of NC programs can also be ensured with controllers based on SINUMERIK Operate SW2.6 SP1 HF5.
  • Local operation (without server) of  Manage MyPrograms is only supported under HMI Advanced.
  • If Manage MyTools is operated only locally (without server), no superordinate tool container is provided. The new functionality "Import / export tool data" is provided instead. This allows to exchange tool data using a tool presetting station.

The following applies to all other MCIS products:

  • Access MyTool ID for SINUMERIK Operate: Available as from SW 2.5 within SINUMERIK Operate, MLFB for license: 6FC5800-0AP52-0YB0.
    For first commissioning, the "Wconvert" tool is required which is provided under CNC Software 6-3/31-5 with SINUMERIK Operate, on DVD, 6FC5850-3XC21-0YA8.
    Manual MLFB: 6FC5397-6DP10-0AA0
    DVD on eSupport:
    Automation System Components -> Automation System Software -> HMI Software -> Motion Control Information System MCIS -> TDI - Tool Data Information (sl) -> TDI Ident Connection (sl) -> TDI Wconvert Wizard for TDI Ident Connection V2.3
  • Access MyMachine /P2P for SINUMERIK Operate: (Remote Access): Released since SW 2.6 SP1, available on CD, MLFB  6FC5860-7YC00-0YA0 (updates on PridaNet, (eSupport))
  • Create MyInterface for SINUMERIK Operate: Is available with supplementary conditions via eSupport as Create MyInterface V2.6 in combination with SINUMERIK Operate (part of the setup) released on PCU / host computer,
    MLFB for license: 6FC5800-0AP50-0YB0, observe supplementary conditions (e.g. not released for mixed operation Powerline - solution line, only four SINUMERIK sl controllers per server PC, etc.)
  • TPM for SINUMERIK Operate: Not available as a product; MCIS TPM V2.1 is maintained and updated
  • ADDM V6 is maintained and updated, SINUMERIK Operate is only supported in combination with Agent V1.3 on PCU 50 with HMI Advanced. (see 46635968)


Manage MyPrograms - functionality for SINUMERIK Operate (examples analogously to HMI Advanced)

Manage My Programs (ex DNC Machine)

  • The functionality is largely offered by the SINUMERIK Operate Program Manager functions.

Manage MyPrograms V2.4

  • Standard network connection via X130 with NCU
  • Connection to the central NC program data management server
  • Manual NC program data transfer to the NC with operation on the NC
  • Manual NC program data transfer from the NC to the server with operation on the NC
  • Support for the Manage MyPrograms user management
  • Support for the user graphic files
  • Use of existing filters (created on the server operator PC)
  • Filter creation directly on the NC
  • Display and setting of load and release IDs
  • Display of the management information
  • Support for known transfer methods (overwrite, new version, ...)
  • Online language switchover and help
  • Support for NC archives

Not yet available

  • NC program data transfer from the Manage MyPrograms PC to the controller with operation on the PC
  • No "auto-archiving" of NC programs by the controller into the Manage MyPrograms data management
  • The transfer of NC programs including special characters (ü, ö and ä) is supported by default
  • Add additional attachments from the NC (e.g. screenshot from Operate)

New functionality in combination with Manage MyPrograms (ex DNC Server (Cell / Plant)) V2.4

  • Look and Feel of SINUMERIK Operate (SINUMERIK Operate is supplemented by the Manage MyPrograms operator area), e.g. new tree structure in the "Program Manager" style
  • NC program preview (scrollable)
  • Extension for filter operation (locally and on the server)
  • Extended management data (change on the machine)

Manage MyTools - functionality for SINUMERIK Operate compared with HMI Advanced

  • Overview of all actual tool data across all machines and tool storage locations in the production department
  • Overview of all tool data available in the system, depending on the storage location, via an arbitrary selection of storage locations, editing of detailed tool data
  • Support for the Manage MyTools user management
  • Online language switchover and help
  • Processing of tool transfer lists for tool loading / unloading

New functionality in combination with the Manage MyTools server (Cell / Plant) V2.4

  • The TDI Powerline functionality is not yet fully provided
  • Look and Feel of SINUMERIK Operate (SINUMERIK Operate is supplemented by the Manage MyTools UI ), e.g. new tree structure in the "Program Manager" style
  • Search function in tool lists and magazines (partial text search across all columns)
  • Extended management data (change on the machine)
  • Manual extension of the tool life (10% steps) for all cutting edges

Local functionality (no server required)

  • Import / export of tool lists via the USB stick
  • Access MyTool ID V2.6 as an option for SINUMERIK Operate SW 2.6 SP1 available (no post-installation, see introduction above)

Current limitations applying to Manage MyTools for SINUMERIK solution line compared with TDI for SINUMERIK Powerline

  • Tool statistics: The basis for data acquisition in SINUMERIK Operate V2.6 SP1 is not yet fulfilled
  • Tool difference lists can only be created manually
  • Magazines can only be manually optimized
  • Tool planning function only on the Manage MyTools operator PC
  • No consistent TC Integration for Manage myTools 2.4

Access MyMachine / P2P V2.7 SP1

The following additional features are provided for Access MyMachine / P2P V2.7.1: 

  • Offline project
    • XML-based offline project for all files belonging to one controller
    • By default, all files included in a project are created as substructure under the project file in the PC file system
    • New function "Read out machine": Automatic creation of an offline project by reading out all relevant data from a connected controller / machine
    • Connectable project window including all main functions for project management
      • Create new target language (on the basis of a specified source language)
      • Project content display as a tree structure and online-offline display
      • Selection option for individual files or file / language groups for online transfer
      • Adding and removal of individual project files
    • Support for project elements of the following type:
      • Alarm texts
      • EasyExtend texts
      • EasyScreen tests
      • Maintenance planner texts
      • Tool management texts
    • The handling of the following foreign languages is supported:
      • Chinese Simpl.,
      • Chinese Trad.
      • Danish
      • English
      • Finnish
      • French
      • Italian
      • Japanese
      • Korean
      • Dutch
      • Polish
      • Portuguese / Braz.
      • Romanian
      • Russian
      • Swedish
      • Slovak
      • Slovenian
      • Spanish
      • Czech
      • Turkish
      • Hungarian
    • Export and import of alarm files in the CSV format for translation agencies
    • Automatic copying of several files within a project from and to the controller
  • Integrated editor for TS files
    • Support for additional information within text files (e.g. multicolor alarms)
  • Conversion of texts from old systems (Sinumerik Powerline)


The product discontinuation has already been announced. This is a mere error correction version.