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How can the MOP setpoint be tracked to another setpoint source with a SINAMICS G120 CU (from V3.0)?

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In some applications (e.g. AUTO / MANUAL changeover), the setpoint is to be changed over from the main setpoint 1 (MSP 1, e.g. an analog setpoint) to main setpoint 2 (MSP 2, MOP setpoint) , without any setpoint jumps/steps (bumpless transfer).

Tracking the MOP-setpoint (Motorized-Potentiometer-setpoint) to another setpoint source with bumpless setpoint changeover from MSP 1 to MSP 2 is explained in the following document. Further, script files for the various examples are provided in the attachment.


MOP-setpoint-tracking_V1_en.pdf ( 1163 KB )

script-files.zip ( 3 KB )  

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