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What should you watch out for when downloading from the WinCC/PCS 7 Engineering Station to the Operator Station (ES-OS download)?

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This entry is intended to help you in the matter of which basic settings you should make before an ES-OS download and what options there are for support when downloading from WinCC/PCS 7 ES to WinCC/PCS 7 OS does not work.

Basic settings before an ES-OS download

  • Before you download the project make sure that the computer name of the ES is entered in the OS project.

 Product versionChapter
 WinCC V7.5How to Change the Computer Name 
 WinCC V7.4How to Change the Computer Name
 WinCC V7.3 How to Change the Computer Name
 WinCC V7.2How to Change the Computer Name
 WinCC V7.0How to Change the Computer Name

Table 1

Additional information about changing the computer name is available in the manual SIMATIC Process Control System PCS 7 Compendium Part A - Configuration Guidelines at the following links.

Product version Chapter
 PCS 7 V9.0Engineering Station 
 PCS 7 V8.2Engineering Station 
 PCS 7 V8.1Engineering Station
 PCS 7 V7.1/ V8.0Engineering Station
 PCS 7 V7.0Engineering Station

Table 2

  • Make sure that the WinCC/PCS 7 requirements are fulfilled as specified in Entry ID 5708281.

  • Make sure that the settings of the "Security Controller" have been set properly on the WinCC/PCS 7 ES and the WinCC/PCS 7 OS.
    The "Security Controller" is located under "Start > SIMATIC".

  • Make sure that WinCC/PCS 7 ES and WinCC/PCS 7 OS are in the correct workgroup or domain.

    Information about this is available in Entry ID2008363


  • Make sure that the user logged on is a member of the following groups: 

    Up to WinCC V7.0 SP2 or
    PCS7 7.1 SP2 (with WinCC V7.0 SP2 )
    WinCC V7.0 SP2 Upd 1 or higher or
    PCS7 7.1 SP2 (WinCC V7.0 SP2 Upd 1 or higher)
    "Standard User" rights at least"Standard User" rights at least

    Table 3

    You will find the groups if you enable the "Icons" display in the Control Panel and proceed as follows:
    "Administrative Tools > Computer Administration > Local Users and Groups > Groups"

    You get into the Control Panel, for example, with the key combination "Windows key + R" and then enter the command "control".
    Further Information
    More information about the compatibility of PCS 7 versions is available in Entry ID 2334224.

  • Make sure that you can reach the target system on the WinCC/PCS 7 ES via the SIMATIC Shell. Right-click SIMATIC Shell -> Update.

  • Make sure that the requirements for operating a SIMATIC WinCC/PCS 7 in a Windows network are fulfilled.
    More information on this topic is available in Entry ID 868014.

  • If you access the PCS 7 ES with a ThinClient, make sure that this is not done via an RDP connection.
    For the connection, use VM Ware Remote Console (virtual environment) or Real VNC.

  • Make sure that the settings are made as specified in the FAQ response in Entry ID 33123686.

  • Make sure that the ".../WINCC" instance is available in the SQL Server Management Studio, see also the example in Fig. 1.
    he SQL Server Management Studio is available under "Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 20XX".

    Fig. 1
    If the instance is not available, we recommend re-installing WinCC.

  • Make sure that the version number of the SQL Server is identical on both computers (see "SQL Server ..." in Fig. 1).

  • Make sure that the same version of WinCC (including Hotfix/Update) is installed on WinCC/PCS 7 ES and WinCC/PCS 7 OS.

  • If you are working with Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 on the ES, make sure that the user account control (UAC) is disabled.
    You disable the user account control in Windows 7 by going to "Start > Control Panel > System and Security > User Account Control Settings".
    Select the lowest slider setting. 
    Fig. 2
    With WinCC V7.0 SP3/PCS 7 V8.0 and higher you can now load the OS also with enabled user account control (UAC) and Windows user rights.

  • Make sure that the option "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" is disabled.
    In Windows you find the "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" option by going to "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Folder Options". 

    Fig. 3

Options available for support when downloading from WinCC/PCS 7 ES to WinCC/PCS 7 OS does not work.

  • If you get the "Download (310:88)" error message at the end of the download procedure, please refer to Entry ID 22559072.
  • If the name resolution of the DNS server does not work as described in Point 7 above, assign your own IP address.
    Make sure that no DNS server has been defined for the active network connection (terminal bus).

    These settings are in the Properties of your network connection in Windows 7 under "Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > LAN Connection > Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Properties".

    Fig. 4

    If this remedy helps you to download the OS, make sure that the problem with the name resolution of the DNS server is cleared. The requirements for proper operation of SIMATIC WinCC/PCS 7 in a Windows network are given in
    Point 7 above.

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