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Technologie-CPU: Technology Template „MotionList Basic“

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A defined contour is to be traversed along straight lines and circular arcs with the technology CPU with the help of a path object. The desired contour is to be conveniently entered as a motion list via a HMI user interface with the possibility to edit it and saved in a data block in the technology CPU.

The technology template on hand offers the following functions as a solution to the named task:

  • Definition of a motion list for the chained traversing of motion functions that consist of straights and circular arcs.
  • Creating, managing and saving of the motion list in a data block in the technology CPU.
  • Processing of the defined motion list with the help of a function block that takes over the control of a path object with selected kinematic to execute the required motion commands in the technology CPU.
  • Support in the operation of this technology template by integrating a HMI user interface for the editing of the motion list, managing the motion lists already saved in the technology CPU and monitoring the defined traverse motion.

The HMI user interface as basic part of the technology template for the convenient entry and management of the motion lists, offers the following functions:

  • Contour Editor Editor to enter and display a motion list stored in a data block. The motion commands can be simply selected via fold-out lists. Additionally, the editor offers functions for entering and deleting lines from the motion list and for copying selected lines of the motion list within the data block. Furthermore, new motion lists can be created via the editor in the technology CPU.
  • Contour Movement Operation and monitoring the function block to process the motion list via the interface signals of the block and monitoring the traverse motion in the different coordinate systems and coordinate system planes of the path object.
  • DB Explorer Searching the main memory of the technology CPU for existing data bocks with motion lists contained therein. The DB Explorer also offers the option to delete the data blocks again that have been created in the technology CPU for the motion lists.


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Technology Template: „MotionList Basic“
59259273_MotionListBasic_DOKU_v42_en.pdf ( 2152 KB )
STEP 7 project file for Technology Template: „MotionList Basic“
(Only program blocks, no HMI)
59259273_MotionListBasic_CODE_v42.zip ( 73 KB )
STEP 7 project file for Technology Template: „MotionList Basic“, including a test programm and HMI
315T-2 DP
59259273_CPU315T_MotionListBasic_CODE_EXP_v42.zip ( 10599 KB )
317T-2 DP
59259273_CPU317T_MotionListBasic_CODE_EXP_v42.zip ( 10570 KB )
317TF-2 DP
59259273_CPU317TF_MotionListBasic_CODE_EXP_v42.zip ( 10616 KB )
WinCC flexible Runtime
File with the HMI runtime for the Technology Template: „MotionList Basic“
59259273_MotionListBasic_HMI_v42.zip ( 106 KB )

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