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How can the interpolation point tables of the technology function FB 488 "MC_MovePath" be edited and administrated in the technology CPU via HMI Interface?

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The technology function FB 488 "MC_MovePath" can be used to easily realize a palletizing process in the technology CPU. Motion control via the technology function FB 488 "MC_MovePath" is determined by means of interpolation point tables, which are stored in data blocks.

If you wish to keep the motion control flexible, it is necessary to edit the interpolation point tables during runtime of the program. Preferably, an HMI Interface should be used which allows the operator to view and edit the interpolation point tables.

This FAQ provides you with an HMI Interface for administration and editing the interpolation point table of the FB 488 "MC_MovePath", which can be easily integrated into your own projects.

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Description  ( 4324 KB )
Archived STEP 7 Project
of the WinCC flexible HMI Interface
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Archived STEP 7 Project
of the sample program for the simple palletizer
including the WinCC flexible HMI Interface
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