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Why must you never remove a memory card when the S7-300/S7-400/S7-1200/S7-1500 CPU is in operation (RUN)?

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If you remove the memory card from the CPU during a write process, this can make the content of the memory card invalid. The memory area retentivity might be lost as well. Under circumstances you might have to delete the memory card on the PG and reload the program. Observe the notes below before removing the memory card:

  • Always remove the SIMATIC memory card only in STOP mode.
  • Switch off the power supply.
  • If there is no write access through the PG, you can also remove the memory card when the power is switched on in STOP mode. In this case it is better to disconnect all communication connections beforehand.

More information is available in the TIA Portal Online Help under

  • "Accessing memory cards"
  • "Add user-defined card reader"
  • "Information about memory cards (S7-1200)"
  • "Information about memory cards (S7-1500)"
  • "Information about memory cards for S7-300 (S7-300/400)"

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