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How do you procure documentation for PCS 7 (including the PCS 7 Manual Collection)?

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There are various ways (online/offline) of obtaining documentation for SIMATIC PCS 7.

Obtain Documentation

The Industry Online Support offers you the following standard options for obtaining all the documentation:

  • Using the Search function by entering a product name, order number or combination of keywords.
  • By navigating in the product tree of the "Product Support" primary navigation.
  • By downloading the corresponding documentation packages

Manual Collections for SIMATIC PCS 7 from V9.0

The PUD Manager Help Viewer for offline viewing of documentation is included as of SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0. In addition to this, PUD Manager Help Viewer also allows you to download further documentation at a later stage.

Click the following link for further information on PUD Manager Help Viewer and the available documentation packages: 109748882 

Manual Collections for SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.x

The offline version of the Manual Collection is available for downloading free of charge as an archive (DVD). The download content is updated several times a year.
Since PCS 7 V8.1 SP1 the offline version of the Manual Collection isn't available anymore.  

Manual CollectionVersion Download 
PCS 7 V8.110/2014 Registrierung notwendig  Manual Collection (1,6 GB) 
PCS 7-relevant WinCC documentation07/2013 Registrierung notwendig  Manual Collection (464,5 MB) 
PCS 7 V8.0 SP107/2013 Registrierung notwendig  Manual Collection (1,5 GB) 
PCS 7 V8.0 Upd1 07/2012 Registrierung notwendig  Manual Collection (1,7 GB) 
PCS 7 V8.002/2012 Registrierung notwendig  Manual Collection (1,7 GB) 

Notes on using the SIMATIC PCS 7 Manual Collection

  • Read the "Readme.txt" file before starting. The "Readme.txt" file is located in the archive folder or on the Manual Collection DVD.
  • Always close the running application with the "Exit" button. This properly terminates the application running in the background.

Fig. 01

Update of PCS 7 Help System and PCS 7 System Documentation

SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.0 Upd1 enables you to update the installed PCS 7 Help system and install the PCS 7 System Documentation. A description and the necessary installation file are available as below:

Help System and System DocumentationDownload
PCS 7 V9.0 SP1109744320 
PCS 7 V9.0109759205 
PCS 7 V8.2109479444 
PCS 7 V8.1 SP1109476142 
PCS 7 V8.1101140601 
PCS 7 V8.0 SP167128254 
PCS 7 V8.0 Upd161054051 

Technical Documentation SIMATIC PCS 7

You can find an overview of all PCS 7 manuals here.


Online Collections in My Documentation Manager

A composition of all the documents of the Manual Collection is available in the My Documentation Manager (MDM) 

Fig. 02

The MDM offers the advantages below:

  • You can create and manage your own library with documents
  • You can configure the compendium with different documents
  • You can be informed by e-mail when more recent versions of the documents in the compendium are available
  • You can export individually configured documentation in different formats (PDF, XML, RTF)

Detailed information about the My Documentation Manager is available at this link:

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