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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 59752397, Entry date: 04/02/2012

Delivery release: ALPHA SIMBOX Blanking Strips

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The ALPHA SIMBOX blanking strips are now easier to mount.

Product description:
The high glow wire resistance of the new blanking strips means that these can be used universally in all common types of distributors. These include
- Hollow-wall
- Flush-mounted
- Surface-mounted

Thanks to their component width of 12 MWs, these attachment strips fit precisely into all common ALPHA systems. When covering a complete row, there is therefore no need for trimming since all assembly kits and small distribution boards are cut out to 12 MWs by default.

The knockouts for the blanking strips are made so that they can be broken out easily to the desired lengths without tools. To ease trimming, the measurement widths are marked on the back of the component. The desired number of MWs to be covered thus only has to be read off the back side.

Furthermore, the blanking strips are available in gray and white.

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