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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 60162542, Entry date: 04/20/2012

Release for delivery: SITOP PSU100S 20 A

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The new single-phase power supply SITOP PSU100S 20 A is released for delivery with immediate effect.
The new power supply expands the product line SITOP smart and replaces the well-proven 20 A power supply of the second generation SITOP (order no. 6EP1336-2BA00), please refer to "Phase out" of 2011-07-27, entry ID 51125846.
Compared to its predecessor, the most distinctive features of the new power supply are its compact design, the automatic range switch-over of input voltage, enhanced overload behaviour and the integrated signaling contact.

Product highlights

Ÿ NEW: compact design with a width of 115 mm only
Ÿ NEW: rated output current 20 A, with "Extra-Power" 30 A for 5 s/min for temporary overloads
Ÿ NEW: continuous 120 % output power at ambient temperature up to +45 °C
Ÿ NEW: potential-free relay contact "24 V ok" for further processing of operating states
Ÿ NEW: input voltage 120/230 V AC with automatic range switch-over
Ÿ high efficiency > 90% reduces heat losses in the control cabinet
Ÿ regulated output voltage DC 24 V ± 3 % for reliable power supply of connected loads
Ÿ output voltage settable  up to 28 V for compensation of voltage drops

Customer benefits
With control cabinets becoming more and more compact, the mounting width of the assembled components is a significant space and cost factor. Therefore, compared to the existing model of the second generation, the small mounting width of the new 20 A SITOP PSU100S was high priority. The high efficiency of >90% additionally supports the temperature balance in very compact control cabinet structures.
Despite its compact design the new model comes out as a powerful power supply. In the event of overload the device provides temporary 150 % of the rated power for 5 s/min (Extra-Power), continuous 120 % of the rated power are available at ambient temperatures up to 45 °C maximum. Further enhancement results from the integrated signaling contact for the signal "24 V ok", allowing an easy integration into the individual plant monitoring concept.
The automatic switch-over of rated input voltage range, the ambient temperature range of 0 °C up to 60 °C, the rugged design and a comprehensive certification package permit the use of the new model SITOP PSU100S in all standard applications worldwide.

Further Information

Ÿ Product information in Industry Mall
Ÿ SITOP power supplies in Internet: www.siemens.com/sitop
Ÿ Operating instructions: in five languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish), included in package
Ÿ For further informationen please contact your partner at Siemens. Contact in the Internet
Ÿ Service and Support in Internet

Order number

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Ÿ Stabilized power supply

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