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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 60162672, Entry date: 04/04/2016

SINAMICS G120D: Replacing a CU240D with a CU2..D-2

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SINAMICS G120D with the CU2..D-2 (CU240D-2, CU250D-2 with Firmware V4.5), as successor to the CU240D will be completed with the addition of new functions. The available SINAMICS Power Module PM250D can still be combined with the new SINAMICS Control Units.

What do I have to observe, if I want to replace a CU240D of the SINAMICS G120D with a CU2..D-2?

What advantages do I have by making this changeover?

To replace a SINAMICSG120D CU240D by a CU2..D-2 with the appropriate amount of detail, follow the instructions and notes listed in the enclosed document.

60162672_Migration_CU240D-CU240D-2_en.pdf ( 1754 KB )

Only the topics relating to the changeover from CU240D to CU2..D-2 are discussed in this FAQ. The additional functions that the CU2..D-2 has, are not discussed in any more detail in this FAQ.

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