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Multimedia-based demonstration system "SIMATIC BATCH"

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The "SIMATIC BATCH" tutorial shows how simple and complex batch processes can be planned, controlled and logged. SIMATIC BATCH is fully integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7.
Consistent product quality even within each batch, quick reaction to changing market conditions, demands for traceability of the production (FDA-compliance), meeting legal standards and inspection requirements, efficient use of the production plant – the requirements for the automation of batch processes in the process industry are very high. A maximum of adaptability is expected from the process control systems used in this environment.

The SIMATIC BATCH software package enables a flexible automation of complex batch processes. Its modular architecture with optimized scalability in the hardware and software area guarantees optimal adaptation to plant size and individual customer demands and can be applied in small pilot plants as well as in production plants of any size.
The integration of SIMATIC BATCH and SIMATIC PCS 7 Operator Station means that planning, operation and monitoring of batches occurs at the operator station via batch OS controls. The operator gains quick access to the running batch via batch views integrated in OS process pictures.

The "SIMATIC BATCH" tutorial provides you a fast and comprehensive start into the topic. This is how you will achieve an optimal trainings period. In the central engineering system the plant topology is created, maintained and available to recipe system and batch controller. The data relevant for SIMATIC BATCH is managed via a graphical user interface.


  • Welcome
  • The tutorial
  • BATCH - What does it actually mean?
    • Processes and application fields for BATCH
    • SIMATIC BATCH terms
    • Process models according to ISA-88
    • "The kitchen" in SIMATIC PCS 7
    • Overview
    • What is SIMATIC BATCH?
    • BATCH control center
    • Recipe editor
    • BATCH report and archiving
    • Single station architecture
    • Client-server architecture
  • Batch process with SIMATIC BATCH
    • Batch visualization
    • Batch sequence
    • Reaction to failures
    • Creating recipes for the batch
    • Generating and managing batch orders
    • Depicting the batch system in the plant model
  • Highlights of SIMATIC BATCH
    • Overview
    • Your advantages
    • Homogenous integration in SIMATIC PCS 7
    • Recipes and batches
    • FDA-conform validation
  • Summary

This entry was created with SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.1 and SIMATIC BATCH V7.1. The content is valid for SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.1 and SIMATIC BATCH V7.1 or higher.

Multimedia Presentation System/Video
 Registrierung notwendig  SIMATIC PCS 7 BATCH multimedia presentation system (54,8 MB)

How to use
Download the files into a directory of your choice (the path must not contain special characters) and unpack the demonstration system (ZIP archive). The animation will start as soon as you double-click on the "exe" file you unpacked from the archive.

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