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Multimedia-based demonstration system "Fast-Track-Engineering"

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Market requirements are rapidly changing. Modifications, product change and delivery reliability only work with flexible production methods and optimal process control.
Engineering costs and design decisions generate a significant part of the entire life cycle costs of a process automation system.
Performance/technical specifications, hardware and software planning, document management, test documentation, maintenance etc., many tasks, many project participants, lots of interfaces.
All of this together makes an automation project.

SIMATIC PCS 7 is based on proven standard automation components and therefore innately offers you the highest possible availability and reliability. Due to the seamless integration in Totally Integrated Automation you profit from a continuous range of optimally adjusted system components for continuous automation of the complete production process.
The SIMATIC PCS 7 system components form a homogenous automation landscape. The engineering system, for example, is your platform to efficiently generate the configuration of your application. The engineering system supports you through all the tasks for generating a control system creating the basis for an efficient work environment in all phases of the plant life cycle – from mass data engineering to the start of the application generation to making changes during running operation – from configuring the basic control system functions to the integration of safety functions.

The added value of the efficient engineering shall be conveyed using the "Fast Track Engineering" tutorial. Process automation does not necessarily need to be complicated and time consuming. SIMATIC PCS 7 offers a variety of performant ES functions, which considerably facilitate the engineering process when used under optimal conditions.


  • Welcome
  • Requirements and solutions
    • Overview
    • Customer requirements
    • Methods for solving the requirements
    • Realizing the solutions with SIMATIC PCS 7
  • Course of the project
  • Specification phase
    • Overview
    • Requirement specifications
    • Functional specifications
    • Summary
  • Design phase
    • Overview
    • Libraries
    • Designing the functional prototype
    • Summary
  • Bulk engineering - Hardware and software
    • Overview
    • What is the Advanced Engineering System?
    • Engineering workflow
    • Summary
  • Bulk engineering - Operator control and monitoring
    • Overview
    • Plant pictures
    • Alarm engineering
    • Summary
  • Technology components
  • Overview
    • Technology components
    • Route control engineering
    • Safety integrated engineering
    • SIMATIC Batch
    • Advanced process control
    • SIMATIC PCS 7 Tele Control
  • Factory acceptance test
    • Overview
    • Testing without controller hardware
    • Simulation of actuators
    • Simulation of sensors
    • Comparison of project statuses
    • Summary
  • Summary
  • Further information
Calling the Multimedia Presentation System/Video
You have several options for viewing the multimedia presentation system:
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Download of the complete multimedia presentation system to your PC (for optimum viewing) Windows PC 1) 60242433_Fast_Tracking_Engineering.zip ( 155878 KB )
Interactive viewing of the multimedia presentation system in the browser Online viewing
1) Download the zip file to your computer and extract it to any folder. Then click the "Start.exe" file to start the demonstration system.

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