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PROFIBUS Diagnostic Package for SIMATIC S7 and WinCC

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A diagnostic package is available for PROFIBUS diagnostics; it comprises the following components:

  • S7 diagnostic blocks FB125 and FC125 for evaluating and providing diagnostic information about a PROFIBUS DP system in the S7 user program
  • WinCC diagnostic images for displaying the diagnostic information on the visualization system. The diagnostic images access the information from the S7 diagnostic block FB125 and visualize it on the display

S7 diagnostic blocks for STEP V5.3 SP2 and WinCC diagnostic images for WinCC V6.0 SP3 as a ZIP file:

DP_WinCC_V61.zip ( 946 KB )

S7 diagnostic blocks and WinCC diagnostic images for WinCC V5.1 as a ZIP file:

 DP_Win13_V51.zip ( 552 KB )

S7 diagnostic blocks and WinCC diagnostic images for WinCC V4.02 as a ZIP file:

DP_WinCC_V4.zip ( 503 KB )

Description of the PROFIBUS diagnostic package for SIMATIC S7 and WinCC

DP_Win13_d.pdf ( 132 KB )  

A detailled description of the FB125 V4.5 diagnostic block is available under entry ID: 387257

Information on the "PROFIBUS Diagnostic Package for SIMATIC S7 and TD/OP" is available under entry ID 5362473.

A further possibility how you can configure a diagnostics for the connected DP slaves is described under entry ID: 10343086 as variant 3.

Please note:
The function block FB125 will be substituted by function block FB126. The FB126 is part of the PNIODiag diagnostic package which can be used for diagnostic evaluation for PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET IO. It is available for downloading under entry ID 26996747.

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