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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 61450312, Entry date: 08/08/2014

SINAMICS G: Speed control of a G120 using S7-300/400 (TIA Portal) with PROFINET/PROFIBUS, Safety Integrated (via PROFIsafe) and HMI

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Task   A failsafe SIMATIC S7-300/400F PLC is to control a SINAMICS G120 drive via PROFINET or PROFIBUS-DP . ...

A failsafe SIMATIC S7-300/400F PLC is to control a SINAMICS G120 drive via PROFINET or PROFIBUS-DP .
The PLC shall have reading and writing access to the drive's process data (control word and speed setpoint respectively status word and actual speed) and to the drive's parameters (ramp-up time and ramp-down time).
The Safety Functions of the drive shall be addressed from the failsafe PLC.
The current faults and alarms of the drive are to be displayed at a panel with their error numbers and as plaintext. Also the current and acknowledged messages in the drive's fault buffer shall be visualized.

The problem above is exemplarily implemented with a SINAMICS G120 Control Unit CU240x-2...-F (e. g. CU240E-2 DP-F or CU240E-2 PN-F) and a S7-300/400F CPU with PROFIBUS connection (e .g. CPU 315F-2 PN/DP). The necessary parameterization resp. the programming of the required functions is described in the documentation belonging to this application example.


Documentation  61450312_SINAMICS_G120_at_S7-300400F-PN_DOKU_v11_en.pdf ( 3488 KB ) 61450312_SINAMICS_G120_at_S7-300400F-DP_DOKU_v11_en.pdf ( 4685 KB )
STEP 7 Project for TIA Portal V13
(STEP 7 und WinCC V13UPD3; Safety V13;
Startdrive V13UPD1)
61450312_SINAMICS_G120_at_S7-300400F-PN_CODE_v11_TIAP13UPD3.zip ( 5702 KB ) 61450312_SINAMICS_G120_at_S7-300400F-DP_CODE_v11_TIAP13UPD3.zip ( 5671 KB )
61450312_SINAMICS_G120_at_S7-300400F-PN_STARTER.zip ( 135 KB ) 61450312_SINAMICS_G120_at_S7-300400F-DP_STARTER.zip ( 143 KB )

Last Changes
updated to TIA Portal V13 
- FB11 and FB12: Standardization connectors changed
- FB11 and FB12:  Initialization of the TEMP tag InData added

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