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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 61481580, Entry date: 06/18/2012

List Price Increase for Several SINAUT Products

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Due to a general increase in costs, the list prices of a number of SINAUT products will be increased effective October 01, 2012.


The following SINAUT products are affected by this measure:

Product Name

Order Number

TIM 4R: SINAUT Communication module


TIM 4R D: SINAUT Communication module with DCF77 radio clock receiver


MD2: Dedicated line modem


MD3: Analog telephone modem


MD4: ISDN modem

This product has already been declared a "mature" product.


Mounting rail adapter for MD2, MD3, MD4 modems for mounting on standard 35 mm mounting rails.


SINAUT ST7 plug-in cable to connect two MD2 modems (RS232) to form a repeater.


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