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Entry type: Download, Entry ID: 61599132, Entry date: 06/25/2012

Device Library 1#2012 for SIMATIC PDM Available for Download

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The SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2012 for the Process Device Manager SIMATIC PDM is referenced for download below. This download offer is in direct conjunction with entry ID 60978748 for SIMATIC PDM. Please also read the information provided there on the Device Library 1#2012.

Supplementary product-specific conditions for the licensing of software

In addition to the "General Conditions for the Licensing of Software for Automation and Drives", please also note the following special product-specific conditions for SIMATIC PDM:

Warranty and liability

Siemens will not provide warranty for the following Device Descriptions (DDs) and for the correct interaction of these DDs with the associated devices. Siemens is explicitly not liable for damages that arise from the use of the following DDs in conjunction with the associated devices:

  • Device-specific DDs for non-Siemens devices (Siemens warranty only up to interface)
  • Non device-specific DDs, e.g. DDs that correspond to the PROFIBUS PA profiles, resp. the Universal or Common Practice Commands of HART.
  • DDs of the HCF library on the DVD with the Device Library (DVD 2/2)
  • DDs of the FF library on the DVD with the Device Library (DVD 2/2)
  • DDs which have been integrated via catalog import.

Important note concerning the device descriptions supplied with SIMATIC PDM

The EDD Device Library supplied with SIMATIC PDM contains device descriptions (EDDs) from Siemens and other device manufacturers. However, Siemens is only responsible for device descriptions of the Siemens devices. The device descriptions of other manufacturers are supplied by Siemens free of charge for convenience of handling. For the included device descriptions of other manufacturers Siemens only guarantees correct copies on the data carrier supplied.

The licensee is authorized to use the DDs of these devices in accordance with the "General Conditions for the Licensing of Software for Automation and Drives" like a Trial License. The licensee can exercise this right of use as long as he has the right of use for the SIMATIC PDM software.

Customer Support  

Siemens can provide Service & Support for any phase of a project: from planing and commissioning right up to maintenance and modernization. An overview of our services is available on the Internet at:

http://www.siemens.com/automation/csi_de_WW/service (national)
http://www.siemens.com/automation/csi_en_WW/service (international)

Support for SIMATIC PDM is available from our Technical Support (Hotline) via the support request procedure:

http://www.siemens.com/automation/csi_de_WW/support_request (national)
http://www.siemens.com/automation/csi_en_WW/support_request (international)

Device Library 1#2012

 PDMDEVICES_CD2_1_2012.zip ( 2038256 KB )

Security information
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