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Performant Bulk Engineering with SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced ES using a practical example

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Automation task
Different planning and engineering tools will be used for planning and realizing a process control system. In most cases, data of one software cannot be used in another one without problems, since they use different data formats. It takes time and resources to handle these different data formats.

The following requirements must be met in order to improve the current process of engineering, to save costs and resources:

  • One-time entry and reuse of data
  • Support of data exchange between different tools
  • System support in case of modifications
  • Detection and documentation of data changes at the interfaces.

SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced Engineering System (AdvES) extends the functionality of a system configuration. It serves as a link between standard engineering tools from the SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineering Toolset (CFC, HW Config, Technological Hierarchy) and basic and detail configuration tools, e.g. EPlan, ELCAD, or SmartPlant.

Properties of AdvES:

  • Data can be imported into AdvES from process tag and signal lists and can be transferred to PCS 7 ES.
  • After a first assignment, AdvES will detect the control module types (CMTs) and automatically generate the control modules (CMs).
  • In this context, technological hierarchy, signal, and parameter settings can automatically be taken over from the process tag and signal lists.
  • Hardware (decentralized periphery including channel assignment) can be generated from the signal lists.
  • Object-dependent mass data processing and queries are possible.

Key contents of this application example
In this application we will use a practical example to describe the functionality and efficient project engineering with PCS 7 Advanced Engineering System V8.0 (AdvES).
We will also explain the advantages of AdvES over the Import Export Assistant (IEA).

The following main points will be discussed in this application:

  • Description of AdvES and its advantages
  • Configuration of an example project using AdvES

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reduction of configuration and start-up times
  • Increase in quality
  • Saving the expenditures for creating and maintaining separate tools and solutions

Valid from SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.0 SP1
(incl. optional package PCS 7 Advanced Engineering System V8.0 SP1)


Contents of the downloads


Performant Bulk Engineering with SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced ES using a practical example
61627479_Application_AdvES_en.pdf ( 10491 KB )
PCS 7 Library and Excel Signal List DEMO_AdvES.zip ( 819 KB )

Last Changes
Illustrations and text have been updated on the basis of AdvES V8.0 SP1.
Furthermore the following issues/features have been added:

  • Configuring of messages in a CMT
  • Creating of individual mapping lables in AdvES
  • Types and functions of table views in AdvES
  • How to use report folders in AdvES
  • Creating of control module (CM) test sheets
  • Project properties in AdvES

Additional Keywords
Bulk Engineering

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