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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 61656992, Entry date: 07/10/2012

SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1 Released for Delivery

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With immediate effect, the energy management software SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1 is released for delivery. As a complete version, SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1 replaces the the direct predecessor version SIMATIC powerrate V4.0. The sale of  SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 ends with the availability of SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1.

SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1 is also available as update package for the previously delivered version SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 (order number 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX3).

1. What's new?

Compared to SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 (see entry ID 48355131), the following changes with respect to functionality and scope of delivery apply:

  • More precise acquisition of the power values
    The blocks PR3_BIN_ACQ / PRE_BIN_ACQ and PR3_INT_ACQ / PRE_INT_ACQ enhance the functionality of the block PR3_SUM / PRE_SUM and measure the power values faster and more precisely.
  • Improved data interface when using a S7-300 PLC and WinCC:
    The data interface in SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1 for sending archive data between a S7-300 PLC and WinCC has been improved on the software block side.
    – Release of more buffers
    – Buffers are emptied more quickly
  • Support of redundant WinCC systems
    The data interface for sending archive data supports redundant WinCC systems.
    Also possible for S7-300 and SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1 with the block PR3_AR_DATA_B.
  • Support of WinCC ASIA and PCS 7 ASIA
    Program interface, faceplates and message texts of SIMATIC powerrate are available for Chinese (simplified).
  • Support of the Advanced Process Library of PCS 7
    The faceplates for PCS 7 V8.0 have been implemented in the Look & Feel of the Advanced Process Library of PCS 7 V8.0.
  • Support of ET200S IM151-8 PN/DP CPU
    Extension of the application options of powerrate specially for small applications by the support of ET200S IM151-8 PN/DP CPU as cost-effective starter version.
  • Measured values can be gathered via PROFIenergy:
    – The block PR3_PE_RD / PRE_PE_RD can measure up to 10 measured values from a device that supports PROFIenergy.
    – The block PR3_PE_RD_IDEV / PRE_PE_RD_IDEV provides measured values from an I-Device for IO controllers.
  • Changes in powerrate Reports:
    – Rates can be entered accurate to the minute.
    – The time range of a report can lie in the future. In this way you can prepare a report for the holiday season, for instance.
  • Updated libraries for SENTRON measuring devices 7KM PAC3200 and circuit-breakers 3WL/3VL
    The faceplates of the SENTRON libraries have not been adapted to the Look & Feel of the Avanced Process Library of PCS 7.

In the case of a migration using S7-300 and WinCC to the improved data interface, archive data can be lost.
To avoid a loss of data, please read FAQ entry 60307962.


2. Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements for SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1

SIMATIC powerrate can be employed with PCS 7 or WinCC SCADA. For the installation, the hardware requirements of the respective products apply:

  • PCS 7
  • STEP 7 and WinCC SCADA

Released CPUs - SIMATIC powerrate with PCS 7 is released for:

  • S7-400 CPUs supported by PCS 7
  • WinAC RTX 2010

Released CPUs - SIMATIC powerrate with WinCC SCADA is released for:

  • S7-400
  • S7-300
    – SIMATIC S7 CPU 319-3 PN/DP from V2.5
    – SIMATIC S7 CPU 317-2 PN/DP from V2.6
    – SIMATIC S7 CPU 315-2 PN/DP from V3.1
    – SIMATIC ET200S CPU IM151-8 PN/DP from V3.2
    For S7-300 controllers we recommend a firmware version V3.x and higher. If the
    PROFIenergy I-Device blocks PR3_PE_RD_IDEV and PRE_PE_RD_IDEV are
    used, CPUs with a firmware version V3.2 and higher must be used.
  • WinAC RTX 2010


Software Requirements for SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1

SIMATIC powerrate can be employed with PCS 7 or WinCC SCADA. The following versions are released:

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.1 SP3
  • SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.0 with update 1 (Europe & Asia)
  • SIMATIC WinCC V7.0 SP3 (with update 1)

For the use with WinCC V7.0 SP3, the following installations are required:

  • WinCC Minimum installation
    Together with the WinCC minimum installation, the following options are also installed:
    – Basic Process Control
    – User Archives for load management and batch-related energy data acquisition
  • STEP 7

For the use of SIMATIC powerrate, WinCC has to run in the integrated operating mode with STEP 7.
The optionally supported STEP 7 editors CFC, SFC and SCL are not required for WinCC SCADA.

powerrate Reports is released for the following versions

  • Microsoft Excel 2003
  • Microsoft Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Excel 2010

powerrate Reports requires the following installation for the operation on a computer without WinCC:

  • Connectivity Pack / OpenPCS 7 Client installation
  • OPC Core Components Redistributable

For the above operating systems and Microsoft Office products the specifications in the releases of the relevant WinCC and PCS 7 versions are applicable.


3. Ordering data

SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1 for WinCC / PCS 7

Product Name

Order Number

SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1, ES + OS Runtime 1) 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX0
SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1, Upgrade V3.0 -> V4.0 SP1, ES + OS RT 1) 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX4
SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1, Trial License (30 days) 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX7
SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1, Update V4.0 -> V4.0 SP1 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX3

1) For the operation on a WinCC / PCS 7 OS stand-alone system or server and any number of automation systems. When using additional WinCC / PCS 7 OS stand-alone systems or servers, a license is required for each WinCC / PCS 7 OS stand-alone system or server.


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