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Information about the Device Description Library "SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2012"

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For the Process Device Manager SIMATIC PDM, the updated and expanded device description library "SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2012" is available. The library is supplied on a separate DVD together with SIMATIC PDM V8.0 + SP1 and also provided as a download (see entry 61599132).

This entry includes hyperlinks to websites by third parties. Before accessing these, please be aware of the information contained in section 7 (Hyperlinks) of the Terms of Use.

1 Introduction 

With the Process Device Manager SIMATIC PDM, a large number of field/process devices by Siemens as well as other manufacturers can be processed using a single user interface. The devices integrated by means of device-specific or profile-specific device descriptions (electronic device descriptions - EDDs) are part of the device list "Device Library 1#2012 - Integrated Process Devices", which is provided as an attachment in section 4.

This device list also includes the device description libraries of the HART Communication Foundation (see website HART Communication Foundation under "HART Products") and the Foundation Fieldbus, which each are fully integrated and thus cannot be split. 

The device descriptions for other communication types (e.g., PROFIBUS DP/PA) come directly from the manufacturers. Since these are provided individually, they can also be imported individually.

2 Compatibility

In principle, previous device descriptions from an earlier edition of the device description library can be used. However, adaptations made to the underlying international standards and specifications have resulted in changes to the basic libraries of SIMATIC PDM. For SIMATIC PDM V8.0 + SP1, it is thus recommended to only employ the device description library 1#2012.

Due to guidelines from international standards and specifications, changes to SIMATIC PDM were also necessary with regard to the interpretation and the test functions. As a result, owners have adapted some of the device descriptions. That is why the use of the complete device description library 1#2012 with SIMATIC PDM versions 7.x and 6.x is not possible. Following a prior verification, individual device descriptions from the device description library 1#2012 can be used additively in these previous versions.

In some cases, the changes mentioned can cause error messages during the interpretation of device descriptions, particularly during the interpretation of unchangeable texts stored in the device descriptions. Please contact the respective device manufacturer for an update of the device description.

In the device description library SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2012, the following libraries of international organizations are integrated:

  • EDD Function Library of the Organization PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (EDD–Lib 1.0.1)
  • Device Description Library 2010#4 of the HART Communication Foundation (HCF-Lib 4/2010)
  • Device Description Library FF DD Library 3.5

Many device descriptions also use contents of these libraries as basic functions. A new installation or upgrade thus requires the importing of at least one field device from the device description library 1#2012. The import causes an update of all necessary basic elements of the libraries.

The device description library SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2012 and the embedded libraries of international organizations can be used with different SIMATIC PDM versions as outlined below:  

Device Library 1#2012 SIMATIC PDM V5.x SIMATIC PDM V6.x SIMATIC PDM V7.x SIMATIC PDM V8.0 incl. SP
Use of Individual Devices No Limited (compatibility test necessary) Limited (compatibility test necessary) Yes
Use of PI-Lib No Yes Yes Yes
Use of HCF-Lib 4/2010 No Yes Yes Yes
Use of FF DD Library 3.5 No No No Yes

When using non-Siemens products, please take note of the specific information concerning the warranty and liability contained in section 7 below as well as in chapter 4 of the ReadMe file for SIMATIC PDM (supplement to the "General Conditions for Software Products for Automation and Drives").

3 Conformity/Quality Assurance

To ensure conformity of the device descriptions with international specifications and assure high quality during the device integration into SIMATIC PDM, starting 01/01/2011, only device descriptions that can prove the following by means of a certificate of conformity will be added to the device description library (device library):

  • Are free from known syntax and semantical errors.
  • Have completed a test of the functions (user interfaces, menu entries, configurations, import/export) in the offline mode.  
  • Have run through a test of the functions (user interfaces, menu entries, communication) in the online mode.

4 Device Integration and Update 

The following device list "Device Library 1#2012 - Integrated Process Devices" lists all device descriptions with update notes of the device description library "SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2012".

Device Library 1#2012 - Integrated Process Devices:

ListOfIntegratedDevices.htm ( 518 KB )

The table below shows some of the newly added or updated devices. The table does not claim to be complete.  

Further information is provided with the device description library of by the device manufacturer.

Manufacturer Communication Quantity Comment
ECOLAB Engineering GmbH PROFIBUS DP 1 New         
Endress+Hauser HART 5 New 
Knick HART 8 New  
Knick HART 4 Update   
KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG HART 1 New  
KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG HART 5 Update   
Samson AG HART 2 New   
Samson AG PROFIBUS PA 2 New   
Samson AG PROFIBUS PA 1 Update     
Siemens AG PROFIBUS PA 2 New   
Siemens AG PROFIBUS PA 7 Update  
Siemens AG PROFIBUS DP 3 Update  
Siemens AG HART 1 New   
Siemens AG HART 19 Update  
VEGA Grieshaber KG PROFIBUS PA 8 New 
CEAG (Pepperl+Fuchs) PROFIBUS DP 2 Update     
Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH PROFIBUS DP 2 Update
Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG HART 1 Update   

The following libraries can only be imported as a whole:

  • Device Description Library 2010#4 of the HART Communication Foundation (HCF-Lib 4/2010)
  • Device Description Library FF DD Library 3.5

An individual import of device descriptions contained is not possible.

New Integration of Device Descriptions

If there is need for or interest in integrating other device descriptions into the device description library of SIMATIC PDM, please be aware that:

  • The Siemens AG itself does not integrate device descriptions from field device manufacturers into the EDD device description library (device library) of SIMATIC PDM. 
  • The Siemens AG has entered into corresponding service agreements with selected partner firms for this purpose.   
  • Device descriptions can be integrated for the following communication types: 
    • HART
    • MODBUS
    • Ethernet
    • FOUNDATION Fieldbus
    • PROFINET (in preparation)

5 Ordering and Delivery

The device description library (device library) is included in the delivery scope of the Process Device Manager SIMATIC PDM. It is also available as a download (see entry 61599132).

6 Information and Documentation pertaining to SIMATIC PDM


Information and ordering data pertaining to SIMATIC PDM can be found in the Industry Mall as well as catalog ST PCS 7 (at ES Software: SIMATIC PCS 7, System Components, Engineering System).


For further information on SIMATIC PDM as well as device descriptions for post-installation, please go to:


Product Documentation / Manual

The product documentation of SIMATIC PDM is supplied in electronic form together with the software. It is also part of the technical documentation for the process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.0, which can be accessed through the following link:


7 Supplementary product-specific Conditions for Software

In addition to the "General Conditions for Software Products for Automation and Drives", please note the special product-specific conditions for SIMATIC PDM:

Warranty and Liability

Siemens assumes no liability for the following device descriptions (DDs) or for the proper interaction of these DDs with the associated devices. Siemens is also explicitly not liable for damages arising from the use of the following DDs in conjunction with the associated devices: 

  • Device-specific DDs for non-Siemens devices (Siemens warranty only up to the interface)
  • Device-unspecific DDs, e.g., DDs corresponding to the PROFIBUS PA profiles or the universal or Common Practice Commands from HART
  • DDs from the HCF library in the device description library (DVD 2/2)
  • DDs from the FF library in the device description library (DVD 2/2)
  • DDs integrated by means of device description import 

Important Note on Device Descriptions supplied with SIMATIC PDM

The EDD device description library supplied with SIMATIC PDM contains device descriptions (EDDs) from Siemens and other device manufacturers. Siemens, however, is only responsible for the device descriptions of Siemens devices. Siemens supplies device descriptions from other device manufacturers (free of charge) to simplify the handling. For device descriptions from other manufacturers, Siemens only warrants the correct copying to the delivery data medium.

The license holder is authorized to use the DDs of these devices like a Trial License in accordance with the "General Conditions for Software Products for Automation and Drives". The license holder may exercise this right of use as long as the right of use for the SIMATIC PDM software is in effect.

8 Customer Support  

Siemens offers service & support during any project phase: From planning to commissioning to maintenance and modernization. An overview of the complete range of services is available on the Internet:

http://www.siemens.com/automation/csi_de_WW/service (National)
http://www.siemens.com/automation/csi_en_WW/service (International)

For SIMATIC PDM, support can be requested from the Technical Support (Hotline) using the support request procedure:

http://www.siemens.com/automation/csi_de_WW/support_request (National)
http://www.siemens.com/automation/csi_en_WW/support_request (International)

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