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Project Generator SIMOTION easyProject

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The Project Generator SIMOTION easyProject allows the convenient integration of basic and modular machine functions in SCOUT engineering projects. This reduces engineering time and creates the prerequisites for a unique and thus standardized project structure.


The Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject" allows the convenient integration of basic and modular machine functions in SCOUT engineering projects. This reduces time-saving programming and creates the prerequisites for a unique and thus standardized project structure.
The Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject" can be used to quickly and easily create SIMOTION SCOUT projects. This includes SIMOTION CPUs, SINAMICS topologies, configuration and interconnection of technology objects and handling of software modules according to machine equipment modules. Or the connection to SIMATIC CPUs via TCP/IP. Libraries and modules in existing projects can be updated anytime.

Picture 1: Standard modules in the Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject"


Automation software becomes more and more complex and shall provide more and more information for a machine user and for higher level systems as PDA/MES systems. This leads to very high development and commisioning times and efforts for the machine builder. With the help of tested and approved standard modules these efforts can be reduced dramatically, as it is already common practice in the mechanics.

The Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject" allows to quickly and conveniently integrate basic functions, which are required in nearly every SIMOTION application, in an existing or new project. The requested components and functions are selected and configured via a user interface. Thus time-consuming programming is no longer required, a consistent and standardized project setup is ensured and the number of possible errors reduced.

The Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject" provides standard modules for basic, diagnostic, operating mode, communication as well as a multitude of sector-dependent technology functions.
The structure of the Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject" allows you to integrate your own blocks in this generic automated application generation workflow.

The Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject"  is currently not provided for SCOUT TIA (SIMOTION on TIA Portal).

Automatic project generation

In simple masks you select first the components and then the required modules. Then you configure the predefined functions included in the selected modules.

When finally generating the project, all necessary technology objects (TOs) are created and interconnected, libraries and program modules (only the selected modules) are automatically integrated in the project and the programs assigned to the relevant execution levels. This yields a loadable and executable SIMOTION SCOUT project including the requested machine functions without having to write a single line of code. During further configuring, you can fully concentrate on the specific machine functions (workflow, signal connections, special functions …), save many worksteps and achieve your goals more quickly. User-defined blocks can be integrated in the generic workflow of automated application generation.

Picture 2: Selection of modules

Due to the standardized setup, a project which has been generated in this way is easy to maintain. The generated program modules can be edited and modified by the user. When modifying standard modules of the Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject" centrally or integrating new standard modules in the project, this can be conveniently realized by restarting the Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject". The originally used and possibly updated modules and libraries will be detected and displayed. These modules and libraries can then also be updated automatically within the project.

Web-based diagnostics

The Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject" also generates specific web pages for individual modules. On request, these are automatically loaded into the SIMOTION controller and thus extend the number of diagnostic options that are provided by each device via the integrated web server and the standard diagnostic pages of SIMOTION IT. This makes it possible to perform commissioning and/or specific service tasks also via a standard web browser – without using the engineering system. In this context, you may either be directly connected to the controller via network cable or use a secure connection via the Internet (e.g. via VPN tunnel).

Modules for basic functions

The following basic functionalities can be used in practically every SIMOTION application and provided via the Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject":

  • Message Handling
    The major tasks performed by the generic basic module “error message handling“ include the chronological collection and merging of system, TO, drive, I/O and user messages and their preparation for display on an operator panel – or direct display using a web browser.
    The specific diagnostic pages present a great advantage during first commissioning, in particular in case of fault or service, because, for example, fault statuses can be diagnosed without using an engineering system which minimizes standstill times.
  • Axis Function Block
    The standard block axis function block fulfills extensive requirements regarding the activation of axis technology objects and, with its central interface for all axis objects, simplifies programming, commissioning and testing. The included web page control panel facilitates testing of the axes controlled by the axis block – without using the HMI or engineering system.

    Picture 3: Axis FB
  • Startup Check
    The Startup check of all connected components informs about the condition of the devices configured at the various fieldbuses resp. internal connections
  • Operating mode management
    An OMAC compliant operating mode management as well as a data interface based on OMAC (Pack Tags) or Weihenstephan
  • Ethernet Communication (LCom)
    A machine-to-machine connection via Ethernet communication using TCP/IP
  • SINAMICS topology view and compare
    In the SINAMICS topology view you can quickly compare the target and actual topology of a
    SINAMICS S120. You can graphically find wiring errors and then correct them.

These basic functionalities reduce most of the usually required manual programming and configuring work and minimize your efforts and possible faults.

Modules for technological functions

The Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject" provides several tested and proven technological functions, like winder or cartoner. This allows a quick project engineering with mechatronic units. Beside the included standard technological functions, other industry specified functions can be received from the Online Support.

Picture 4: Industry specified functions

In SIMOTION Videos, under „Technology functions for SIMOTION“,  you can find additional information.

Modular machine functions

Further, the Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject" supports the modularization of machine functions according the international standard ISA-88, which exactly defines the module structure and provides basic and standardized machine structures. The combination of basic, technological and application modules thus enables clearly structured machine modularization using functional units. 

Tutorial and Video

Here you can find additional information:


You can download the actual version of the Project Generator "SIMOTION easyProject" at 51339107

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