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Why is the script shown in bold type in the PC Runtime although it is not configured as bold type?

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Different text displays in Runtime and configuration with WinCC TIA and WinCC flexible with enabled "Adjust ClearType text" in Windows.

If "Adjust ClearType text" is enabled in Windows on the PC, the point size displayed in Runtime is different to that displayed in the configuration interface.

Fig. 1

This setting might cause other similar display errors.
More information is available in Entry ID: 90301561.

To remedy this situation you must disable the "Adjust ClearType text" property. 

Settings in Windows 10

1. Enter the term "clear" in the search bar.
2. In the search results you click the item "Adjust ClearType text".

Fig. 2

3. In the window that opens you disable the "Turn on ClearType" option and click "Next". 

Fig. 3

4. In the next 4 dialogs you click "Next" and finally "Finish".

Settings in Windows 7

1. Click "Start > Control Panel".
2. Click "Display".
3. Click "Adjust ClearType text".

Fig. 4

4. Disable the "Turn on ClearType" function and click "Next". 

Fig. 5

5. In the next 4 dialogs you click "Next" and finally "Finish".

Settings in Windows XP

1. Go to "Start > Settings" and click "Control Panel". Click "Display".
3. In the "Display Properties" dialog open the "Appearance" tab.
4. Click the "Effects..." button.

Fig. 6

5. In the drop-down menu you select "Standard" and confirm the setting with "OK".

Fig. 7

6. Confirm the next dialog with "OK".

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