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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 62332276, Entry date: 07/23/2012

SIPLUS extreme - Substitution for SIPLUS ET200S IM151-7 F-CPU (6AG1151-7FA20-2AB0)

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The following substitution from the SIPLUS extreme product range is available as of 07/01/2012 for SIPLUS ET200S IM151-7 CPU:
6AG1151-7FA21-2AB0 replaces 6AG1151-7FA20-2AB0

SIPLUS extreme represents the product range with refined components on the basis of Siemens Industry standard products.

Ordering data

Description SIPLUS order number Based on order number Application area Status
ET200S IM151-7 F-CPU 6AG1151-7FA20-2AB0 6ES7151-7FA20-0AB0 -25 ... +60 °C,
with conformal coating
Product cancellation
6AG1151-7FA21-2AB0 6ES7151-7FA21-0AB0 -25 ... +60 °C,
with conformal coating
Delivery release

Application area

Environmental conditions
Relative humidity 100 % rh - condensation permissible - no commissioning in condensed state
Biologically active substances In preparation
Chemically active substances In preparation
Mechanically active substances In preparation
1) ISA –S71.04 severity level GX:
Continuous load: In accordance with  EN 60721‑3‑3, class 3C4
Limit value (max. 30 min/d): In accordance with EN 60721‑3‑3, class 3C4

2) The enclosed plug covers have to remain on the unused interface during operation in corrosive gas atmospheres!


Information on SIPLUS products is available at: www.siemens.com/siplus-extreme

For further questions, please contact your SIMATIC partner at your local Siemens subsidiary.

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