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How do you speed up the opening of the "Onscreen Keyboard" with SIMATIC IPCs?

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With the SIMATIC IPCs it can take a long time for the "Onscreen Keyboard" software to open, depending on the type. The behavior might occur if an IO field has been selected in WinCC Advanced Runtime and the "Onscreen Keyboard" is supposed to open.

This behavior can occur in the operating systems below.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7

You have various options for clearing the behavior described.

  1. Follow the instructions given under "Slow Reaction of Onscreen Keyboard and SmartServer" in the system manual
    A link is given below:
    Notes on operation in Runtime
  2. Configure a valid proxy server.
  3. Disable automatic configuration of the local network.

How to configure a valid proxy server is described in the instructions below.

No. Procedure
1 Start the SIMATIC IPC.
2 Log on with administrator rights in Windows.
3 Click the "Start" button and enter "cmd" in the search field.
As a result the input prompt icon is displayed entitled "cmd".
4 Right-click "cmd" and select "Run as administrator".
If a message concerning user account control is displayed, acknowledge the message by clicking "OK".
5 Enter the following command in the input prompt:

netsh winhttp set proxy proxy-server

Fig. 01

6 Restart the SIMATIC IPC.
Table 01

How to disable automatic configuration of the local network is described in the instructions below.

1Open the internet options > Connections > LAN settings.
2Disable the "Automatically detect settings" function

Fig. 02
3Restart the SIMATIC IPC.
Table 02

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