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Which security modules support the dynamic DNS function (DDNS)?

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Using DDNS you can access a module with dynamic IP address via a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) defined with a specific provider (own).

This simplifies accessing the module in the case of regularly changing IP addresses (for example, with daily forced disconnections by the Internet Service Provider (ISP)).

The security module reports the current WAN IP of the ISP via which the module can be reached to a provider for dynamic DNS (DynDNS.org, no-ip.com, for example). The DDNS provider makes sure that DNS queries to the FQDN of the module are answered with the WAN IP of the module.

The overview below shows which security modules support dynamic DNS.

Security moduleDDNS support
SOFTNET Security Client (SSC) (firmware V3 and higher)Yes
SCALANCE S (firmware V4 and higher)1)Yes
SINEMA Remote ConnectYes
Teleservice Adapter IE Adv.Yes (only with TIA Portal)
CP 343-1 Advanced, CP 443-1 AdvancedNo
CP 1543-1No
CP 1243-1No

Table 1

1) SCALANCE S with firmware V3 can only transmit its current IP address to the DNS server (DDNS client), but cannot resolve any domain names. The firmware update to V4 is available in Entry ID 109477325

2) CPs can dissolve the DNS name of the E-Mail-Server. So the CPs determine the IP address of the E-Mail-Server. The CP can advise its own extern IP address to the DDNS server to be accessible via a fixed extern DNS name.


  • The SCALANCE S modules support the DDNS services of the following providers: DynDNS.org, no-ip.com or a freely defined service.

  • SCALANCE M873, SCALANCE M875 and SCALANCE MD741-1 are compatible with the DDNS services of the provider DynDNS.org.

  • SCALANCE M-800 is compatible with the DDNS services of the providers DynDNS.org and no-ip.com.

  • For DNS, SCALANCE M and SCALANCE MD741-1 need a public IP address that is accessible from the internet.

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Table 02

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