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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 63097785, Entry date: 04/30/2013

Delivery Release of ET 200S Interface Module for EtherNet/IP

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The EtherNet/IP interface module  (IM) for  ET 200S is herewith released for delivery.

The new interface module can be employed together with all system and IO components of the ET 200S distributed I/O system.

It has the following features:

  • EtherNet/IP communication in compliance with the ODVA specification "EtherNet/IP Adaptation of CIP", Edition 1.12 and "Common Industrial Protocol (CIP)", Edition 3.11
  • The supported CIP objects are listed in detail in the user manual.
  • Communication: 100 MBd, auto-detection, full-duplex, auto-negotiation
  • LED Diagnostics in compliance with the ODVA specification for EtherNet/IPs
  • Integrated 2-port switch for easy installation of a line topology (a ring topology is not supported); cost saving assembly, no external switch required
  • Up to 63 modules can be connected to the IM
  • Max. address range: 255 Byte inputs and 255 Byte output
  • Parameterization and diagnostics of the IO-modules via software (Configuration Tool)
  • To efficiently use the address range of the CPU, the addresses of the IO-modules can be packed
  • Due to the SD card the IM can also be replaced without a programming device (PG); the IP address and the configuration are stored on the SD card
  • The firmware (FW) of the IM can be upgraded via EtherNet/IP, if required
  • fast response times due to short cycle times (typ. 2ms)
  • Support of the EtherNet/IP function "QuickConnect class B" (approx. 650ms startup time; approx. 1s until the start of the first IO cycle)
  • 24V DC Voltage supply via push-in-connectors; the supply voltage can be looped further
  • Connection of EtherNet/IP via standard RJ45 jacks

For more details please read the user manual which is available for free download at the following entry ID: 60541586   

At present, the following modules can be run with the IM: Module List ( 48 KB )

Please note:

Please note that the ET 200S F-modules are not supported!

EtherNet/IP Configuration Tool

The interface module can be run in the so-called "Auto Config Mode". A separate configuration tool is available to change parameters. This tool additionally has the following functions:

  • Selection whether DHCP/BOOTP or a fixed IP-address are to be used
  • Setting the network parameters (IP address, network mask, etc.)
  • Read diagnostic messages
  • FW Update via EtherNet/IP
  • Adjust features of the EtherNet/IP ports (auto-negotiation, fixed Baud rate, ...)
  • make settings for QuickConnect.

The Configuration Tool is free of charge. It is supplied with the CD that comes with the interface module.

At present the Configuration Tool is only available in English. The same goes for the associated user manual. The manual can be downloaded at entry ID 65605486  .



Application example


A comprehensive application example is available under the link below, it also describes how the interface module for EtherNet/IP is commissioned:

Link: 70084847


Scope of delivery:

The interface module is supplied with the following components:

  • Interface module ZNX-EIP-200S
  • SD card 2MB  (6ES7 954-8LB01-0AA0)
  • Bus termination module for ET 200S (6ES7 193-4JA00-0AA0)
  • Companion Disk with the manuals and the Configuration Tool
  • Connector for 24V DC voltage supply
Type Order Number
  ET 200S Interface module for EtherNet/IP   ZNX-EIP-200S
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