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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 6329739, Entry date: 01/22/2001

Release for the SIMOVIS start-up tool, Version V5.4

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Effective immediately, the new Version V5.4 of the SIMOVIS start-up tool has been released.

Since 04.12.2000, this new Version V5.4 is supplied with each SIMOVERT Masterdrives unit

New functions in Simovis V5.4:

1. The new V1.5 firmware for Masterdrives MC is included

2. The new V2.1 firmware is included for Masterdrives Active Front End (AFE)

3. A graphical online diagnostics mask is integrated for MASTERDRIVES MC.

You can reach the diagnostics mask via the menu "Diagnostics -> Online diagnostics".
Sometimes display problems can occur so that we would request that you maximize
the display window before you call this function.

4. Scripts can be generated for the GP technology for MASTERDRIVES MC. In this case, a script file with comments is generated, which contains all parameters which are used within the dialog boxes.

5. Two new script commands have been introduced: PARAMDIALOG and EXECDIALOG.

6. The firmware for the option modules can now be loaded via the menu "Parameter -> Firmware Download".


Simovis V5.4 can be ordered using the following Order No. [MLFB]: 6SX7010-0FA10

Supplied as: CD

This CD also includes the complete documentation for the SIMOVERT Masterdrives series

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