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SIMATIC PCS 7 in Mining (Video)

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Siemens with its deep understanding of mining releases the new Minerals Automation Standard, the solution for the special requirements of this industry. This new standard is based on the worldwide proven process control platform SIMATIC PCS 7.

As well as ensuring high productivity and reliability of the system, PCS 7 combines the requirements to protect human, machinery and the environment through its integrative concept of safety, industrial security and energy management for a future-proof and economical solution for the mining industry.

The video "SIMATIC PCS 7 in Mining" gives you an overview of the features and advantages of PCS 7 being utilized in the mining industry through the following topics:

  • Architecture & Standards
  • Scalability
  • Openness and Standardization of Communications
  • Availability and Redundancy in Process Operations
  • Industrial Security
  • Engineering System
  • Industry Libraries
  • Power Control
  • Operator System
  • Service & Support

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