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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 63948206, Entry date: 10/01/2012

Delivery release for SIMOCRANE Basic Technology V3.0, 6AU1660-4AA20-0AA0

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With immediate effect, the SIMOCRANE Basic Technology V3.0 has been released for delivery. This version does NOT replace the previous version V2.0 SP2. The existing SIMOCRANE Basic Technology V2.0 SP2 package with SIMOTION D435 (order number: 6AU1660-4AA10-0AA0) is continued to be marketed. In parallel, the SIMOCRANE Basic Technology V3.0 package with SIMOTION D435-2 (order number: 6AU1660-4AA20-0AA0) is delivered.

1. General information

Analogously to the previous version, the SIMOCRANE Basic Technology V3.0 system comprises the necessary hardware and software for optimizing the motion control of cranes through to automation, both for harbor and industrial environments. The software is based on the Motion Control System SIMOTION D435-2. The SIMOCRANE Basic Technology V3.0 supports you in achieving maximum performance with your crane application.

The basic technology is modularly structured and covers the motion control of all main crane drives. In this context, the new control concepts for positioning and synchronization and the practice-proven functions are used for the following function modules.

  • Hoist
  • Travel gear
  • Trolley
  • Slewing gear
  • Holding and closing gear
  • Jib / luffing gear

Executable "Ready-to-Run" application examples are included in the scope of delivery to ensure fast configuring and commissioning. The "Ready-to-Apply" application examples can be adjusted and extended for specific projects. This ensures flexibility for different crane applications.

The latest SIMOCRANE WebStart application is a web-based tool for commissioning the SIMOCRANE Basic Technology V3.0 standard applications on site and worldwide remote diagnosis. The new SIMOCRANE Basic Technology V3.0 allows to use the SINAMICS Firmware Version 4.x. Thus, the newest SINAMICS functions can also be used in crane applications.

2. Target group and state of knowledge

The SIMOCRANE Basic Technology is intended for three target groups which must have acquired the following knowledge:

  • Engineering: Sufficient SIMOTION/SINAMICS knowledge
  • Commissioners: Sufficient SIMOTION/SINAMICS knowledge, basic knowledge in SIMOTION and sufficient SINAMICS knowledge for SIMOCRANE WebStart
  • End users: SIMOCRANE WebStart users do not require any special knowledge

3. Scope of functions

As from June 2012, the SIMOTION D435 platform has been innovated by the SINAMICS CU320-2 and the new processor for SIMOTION. Thus, regarding the platform, the software and hardware of the SIMOCRANE Basic Technology V3.0 package with SIMOTION D435-2 are no longer compatible with V2.0 SP2 which can run on SIMOTION D435.

The new Version V3.0 continues to improve the usability, for example, through the introduction of the web-based tool SIMOCRANE WebStart for commissioning and diagnosing as well as the auto-setting function for the commissioning of the load-dependent field weakening and continous load measurement. The software and hardware interfaces are extended in V3.0, e.g. with the interface to the upcoming innovation "ECO Technology" and the consistent interface to SINAMICS DCM (DC-Master). In addition, we have implemented a virtual interface which allows to create a PLC user program directly in SIMOTION without SIMATIC S7 hardware.

Overview about the major improvements and extensions:

  • Crane DCC library (product):
    Optimization of the StartPulse block, reduction of the polygon definition and extension with external load cell and with automatic scaling of the full deflection path of a master switch of the load-dependent field weakening block, improved slack rope and current compensation control. The Crane DCC library in V3.0 continues to be upwards compatible.
  • Crane FB library (application):
    Introduction of the automatic variable setting (auto-setting function) during commissioning,  for example, load-dependent field weakening, gripper closing, etc., extension of the software interface to the virtual S7 in SIMOTION and the upcoming ECO technology, improved Sway Control setup and monitoring handling, extension of the script for the parameter transfer of all drive reference values to SIMOTION, new time setting function in SIMOTION / SINAMICS via PLC, an alternative positioning process for positioning suspect to vibrations, variable rounding time (jerk) in all operating modes and variable delay time during the braking phase.
  • Standard application (application):
    Extension of the hardware interface to the SINAMICS DCM rectifier (DC-Master) with two standard applications in hybrid AC/DC configuration, an additional standard configuration with backup drives, another standard application with distributed synchronization on two cranes, a standard application for gripper cranes (GSU) with 2x holding and 2x closing gear drives and an application example with virtual S7 interface.
  • SIMOTION/SINAMICS Firmware (product):
    SIMOTION FW4.3.1 and SINAMICS FW V4.5 HF2 are stored on the attached CD.
  • Compatibility list:
    A compatibility list for all SIMOCRANE products is stored on the attached CD.
  • Documentation (product and application):
    'Getting Started' is provided in German and English.
    A compilation of the major changes in V3.0 in English is stored on the attached CD.
  • Commissioning and Diagnosis Tool (application):
    SIMOCRANE WebStart is an official application for commissioning and diagnosing the SIMOCRANE Basic Technology. It is integrated in all standard applications.

4. Scope of delivery

The SIMOCRANE Basic Technology V3.0 package comprises the following:



Memory Card (CF card)

  • The current SIMOTION D4x5-2 and SINAMICS S120 firmware versions
  • Licenses:
    • SIMOTION MultiAxis (for Motion Control)
    • SIMOTION Crane Basic Technology (for Crane DCC-Library functions)


● CD including:

  • Setup for the installation of the Crane DCC-Library and Online Help
  • Standard applications and Crane FB-Library
  • SIMOTION D4x5-2 V4.3.1 and SINAMICS V4.5 firmware 
  • Documentation in German, English and Chinese
  • Major changes in V3.0 in English
  • Getting Started in English and German

/cs/pool/doc.gif Liesmich_SIMOCRANE_Basic_TechnologyV3_0.wri ( 12 KB )

/cs/pool/doc.gif Readme_SIMOCRANE_Basic_TechnologyV3_0.wri ( 12 KB )

Simocrane-compatibility-list-2012_09_05.pdf ( 96 KB )

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