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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 64182525, Entry date: 10/24/2012

Configuration of Direct Starters with the APL Channel Block „FbSwtMMS” in SIMATIC PCS 7

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In modern automation projects, not all the components are supplied by the same company. You often have the situation that the supplier of the process control system is not the same as the supplier of the drives. Moreover, not every customer needs the complete and extensive range of functions for the drives, which can be retrieved by specifically tailored block libraries, most of them chargeable.

For the integration of the direct starter drives Siemens therefore offers a modern motor channel block „FbSwtMMS”, which is part of the PCS 7 standard library Advances Process Library (APL), allowing for an integration into PCS 7 of all the drives which support the standard profiles of the technical specification „Profiles for Low Voltage Switchgear Devices”.

In addition, this variant is also interesting for the integration of Siemens drives such as SIMOCODE pro. The complete performance range is not always needed. By interconnecting the motor channel block „FbSwtMMS” with the APL function block „MotRevL”, the complete function range of the PCS 7 operation, monitoring and supervision is available. The configuration, parameterization and commissioning of the drives takes place in the usual PCS 7 environment.

Main contents
The integration of a directly starting drive is explained and completely configured as an example with a SIMOCODE pro V and a prefabricated template, which is also a part of the PCS 7 Advanced Process Library (APL).
The focus will be on the following issues:

  • Channel block „FbSwtMMS”
  • Structure of the standard profiles
  • Integration of the template
  • Hardware configuration
  • CFC engineering
  • Parameterization of the drives via PDM

This configuration instruction describes the integration of directly starting drives which support the standard protocol. As an example the Siemens drive SIMOCODE pro V is configured, all the other drives will be configured in exactly the same way. This application does not refer to the SIMOCODE library which is available separately for a fee and covers the complete performance range of the SIMOCODE drives.

This Application Example is valid for PCS 7 V 8.0 and higher.
All drives which support the standard profiles of the technical specification „Profiles for Low Voltage Switchgear Devices” and for which a compatible Electronic Device Description File (EDD) or a General Station Description (GSD) is available, can be integrated in PCS 7 V8.0.


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Configuration of Direct Starters with the APL Channel Block „FbSwtMMS” in SIMATIC PCS 7
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