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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 64329637, Entry date: 11/03/2014

Configuration of FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 (FF) with SIMATIC PCS 7

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Its flexible architecture and seamless integration into Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) from Siemens allows SIMATIC PCS 7 to be used in various applications and sectors. SIMATIC PCS 7 allows the implementation of requirements at all hierarchy levels of industrial automation, from the corporate management level through the control level to the field level. An important requirement at the field level is to plan and configure FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 segments (in the following also referred to as FF).

Thanks to the seamless integration of FF technology in SIMATIC PCS 7, you are provided with an ideal standard solution. This application gives you a practical procedure for planning and configuring FF segments in the PCS 7 environment. The application provides a quick introduction to the topic and supports you with numerous step-by-step instructions (Getting Started character). The following topics are explained in detail:

  1. Planning and checking a segment configuration
  2. Configuring an FF segment in HW Config and SIMATIC PDM
  3. Changing and extending an FF segment

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Quick development of FF know-how
  • Description of typical scenarios, e.g. complete configuration, commissioning and device replacement on FF segments, implementing a local display 
  • This reduces the planning and configuration overhead

Software requirement:
From SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.0 Upd1 and SIMATIC PDM V8.0 SP1
Hardware requirement:
SIMATIC FF Link (with IM 153-2 FF and SIMATIC FDC-157)


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Configuration of FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 with SIMATIC PCS 7
64329637_PCS7_FF_Engineering_en.pdf ( 2486 KB )

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Application example
Calculation and Design of Fieldbus Segments with the SIMATIC Fieldbus Calculator
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Last Changes

  • Release for PCS 7 V8.1
  • Addition to the implementation of a local display

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FF H1, CiF. Control in the Field, AFDiS, coupler, AFD, fieldbus line, fieldbus segment, FF ring, FF configuration

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