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SINAMICS DCC servo pump

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With the appropriate devices, servopump for SINAMICS based on Drive Control Chart (DCC), allows the variable-speed operation of an constant hydraulic pump.


The standard application servopump for SINAMICS based on DCC was developed with the target of covering a variety known hydraulic applications with a servopump application within a single project.

With the openness of the application it is possible to configure the requirements of the customer  if it is necessary. It is possible to use the application on different types of the SINAMICS drives S120 and S150 .

This document provides a guide to commissioning and optimization of servopumps with the corresponding devices.

Depending on the type of machine , this application can be used in various industries.

This document provides a basic guidelines to optimize servo pumps with corresponding devices SINAMICS S120 and S150.




Servopump with pressure and volume control



Servopump with pressure and volume control – including positioning with drive function basic positioner

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